Testimonials from EWTN Viewers
We are hearing from many of our viewers around the world who are inspired and comforted by EWTN through the coronavirus pandemic. Here are a few of their letters.
Moriah S. from New York says, “Thank you! My gratitude especially to Fr. John Paul Mary for his assurance during today’s homily that the Mass will continue on EWTN and that EWTN will not go off the air. I didn’t realize that this was even a fear of mine until tears came to my eyes after he said this and, while clapping, I shouted ‘HURRAY! Finally – someone said it.’… In my cloistered NYC life now, which for such a busy, congested city has become so eerie and surreal, EWTN is my great friend. God bless you all.”
Vera O. from New Mexico says, “Thank you, thank you for your ministry and for EWTN…. I am a healthcare worker, and I understand the decisions made are necessary to protect our elderly population in the state. I know that social distancing is necessary at this time. I felt quite sad and broken-hearted when we received the news before our daily Mass was supposed to be offered, but I also know that God does not abandon us in these times. This morning I awoke early and was able to watch EWTN on my phone and celebrate Mass with Fr. John Paul. I was also able to pray the St. Michael Chaplet and the rosary. Thank you for being there for us during these difficult times. God bless all of you.”
Francisca Q. from the Philippines says, “Prayers for all of you at EWTN! GOD REWARD YOU for this digital mission that is so helpful especially now as we are ‘locked down’ in our homes. As the days go by, one realizes the COVID crisis is not all negative – it is a time to relearn how to live simply, charitably, and gratefully… a time to ‘be still and know that (I AM) He is God’! Truly, with the Lord, even crooked lines are straightened. Thank you for TV Mass, the rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet and all your wonderful programs that continue to keep us close to our Lord of love and mercy and our Blessed Mother. God bless Fr. Joseph!”
Winnie W. from Canada says, “Thank you so much. My husband and I love starting the day with the Rosary with Father Mitch or the weekends from Lourdes – followed by the Family Prayer with Father Joseph (wonderful prayers) and the Mass.”
Emmanuel M. from Eastern Africa says, “I am very much edified with your inspirational message of GOOD News you always share.”
Mike S. from South Australia says, “Dear all at EWTN, I live in a small country town. We are so short of priests that eight country towns in our region have been formed into one parish. We have one priest allocated to look after all eight. We now get one Mass per Sunday per month and one per weekday per month. So, there are three of us who take it in turns each Sunday to lead a Communion Service when there is no Mass. I was surprised and delighted to find that a whole Mass had been downloaded yesterday. I always watch the shortened versions each day, even though I notice three at once are downloaded after the weekend.”
Jo S. from Norfolk, UK says, “Hi, EWTN. I have recorded the daily Mass today and am watching it tonight…. Blessings for your wonderful ministry at EWTN and to the beautiful Mother Angelica who started it all.”
Christine G. from Michigan says, “I am so happy that I was able to watch the Mass through your website.”
Rocco T. from London, England says, “Thank you, EWTN family. I watch the daily Mass on EWTN almost every day as that makes me closer to the Lord while I’m looking after my father-in-law…. Also, I would like to thank all of you for fulfilling my day.”
Lorraine C. from New York says, “As a daily (and sometimes Sunday) viewer of your daily Mass broadcast, as well as many of your other stellar programs, I was so disheartened to hear of the cancellation of Masses in our New York Archdiocese…. I felt like the life blood had been drained from me; however, I am so very heartened to know that I still have my lifeline to Jesus and the Holy Trinity, His Blessed Mother, Mary, and all the saints, in God’s gift of EWTN! I won’t be able to sacramentally receive the Eucharist but am confident the Lord will come to me spiritually…. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your ever-present and increasing efforts to spread His Word throughout the world. Mother Angelica must be so very proud of all of you. May God continue to shower upon you His tender blessings of good health, safety, happiness, and peace, as well as an ongoing zeal for the extension of His Church!”
Monique R. from Colorado shares this: “We are so grateful to you, your Network, and the Franciscan [Missionaries] of the Eternal Word. You are a beacon to us! We are in Colorado with no Mass at our churches, so we are so grateful to you. God bless, and you are in our prayers.”
Sigfrido M. from Buenos Aires, Argentina says, “Thank you very, very much [for the daily Mass update].”
Mary R. from Ontario, Canada says, “Dear EWTN, thank you…. I will be looking for Mass on t.v. with gratitude.”
Travis M. from British Columbia says, “My wife and I were watching the St. Joseph’s Mass last evening…. [It was] such a beautiful Mass, with incensing and beautiful music and with such a wonderful homily…. Thank you all for your great contribution to us during this time — you give us all hope and reason to continue on. God Bless you all and may His Divine Mercy be with you all.”
Gay C. from Alabama says, “Whenever… I can receive Communion spiritually when they offer that prayer for those who cannot be at Mass, it really touches my heart. Thank you for all you do. My renewed relationship with the Lord continues every day with your input…. Thank you again, and praise for the faith of Mother Angelica and all the people responsible for helping her get started. What a blessing you are to so many of us and not just the housebound. I have been watching you since this station began…. I thought you should know how so many of us feel about what you do. Thank you for continuing your work in spite of the pandemic situation. May God continue to bless all your endeavors.”
Mary S. from New York says, “I am a homebound individual and have been for many years. I thank God that I found EWTN, and over time it has increased my faith and devotion. I want now to thank you for this additional programming you have undertaken, especially the return of the midnight Mass on Saturdays and Sundays. The opportunity for Adoration is also greatly appreciated. Please keep up the good work you do. My prayers are with you.”
Rita F. from Rhode Island says, “I know that those of you at EWTN do not expect kudos for your work, but I think that you do need to know how much it is appreciated, especially now – the Rosaries, Adorations, Stations, and special programs that you present at all hours of the day and night. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Anna M. from Italy says, “I live in Italy and… this moment for our population is… very difficult…. I am writing to thank you because my phone is set to all day and night on your channel [for] Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. I work, I cook, I clean but your channel [gives] me the strength to go on in my life. In this moment that we don’t have the possibility to go out of house, your [YouTube channel] is very important for me; it is of great comfort. Adoration [of] the Lord is strange [on] the phone but HE [looks at] the heart and… my love for him is big.”
Claire O. from Scotland says, “I wanted to say thank you for continuing to bring my fellow Catholics into my home daily. Although I am a disabled lady who lives alone in Scotland, I feel close to the Lord knowing that you are out there bringing him into the homes and hearts of so many worldwide. May God bless you all.”
Jim B. from Scotland says, “May Almighty God bless you all on your great spiritual journey during these trying times. Just love being present at home during your daily mass. Keep up your amazing work for all our brothers and sisters throughout God’s world.”