Atheist James Little, fresh out of college and desperate to find work, encounters the strange new world of Catholicism when he takes a job as a handyman at St. James the Less Church and finds his ideals challenged by the no-nonsense pastor Fr. Burns and through the romantic pursuit of parishioner Anne-Marie.

Episode 1:  Deep Dive
Premieres Monday, February 13 at 8pm Eastern
After being rejected by every other employer on the planet, James applies for a handyman job at a Catholic Church, and meets Ann-Marie.

Episode 2:  Canceled Again
Premieres Tuesday, February 14 at 8pm Eastern
James has second thoughts about his new job…and Ann-Marie.

Episode 3: The Medallion
Premieres Wednesday, February 15 at 8pm Eastern
James discovers a gold necklace that may hold secrets from Ann-Marie’s past.

Episode 4: The Honest Atheist
Premieres Thursday, February 16 at 8pm Eastern
In an attempt to impress Ann-Marie, James attends his first Mass.

Episode 5:  Is Anybody There?
Premieres Friday, February 17 at 8pm Eastern
After arguing with Ann-Marie about why she keeps the Faith, James finds himself alone in the church, wondering what he's missing.