Tanner Kalina as Jame Little

Tanner is a Catholic artist and missionary currently living with his wife in Denver, Colorado. He enjoys storytelling--whether through speaking, acting, or the podcast that he co-created with his best friends, Saints Alive. He chases holiness in his day to day, failing frequently but continuing constantly. Thanks be to God, Tanner has had the great pleasure of spreading the Gospel with awesome ministries such as FOCUS, Ascension Presents, NET, and others.

Carol Jeong as Anne-Marie

Carol is an actor and model represented by CPM Talent Management. Her love for the Lord and her Korean-American upbringing taught her the importance of compassion and the beauty in staying curious. She values faith, sincerity, and connection so she cherishes working with others and is proud to be an artist. Carol strives to bridge divisions through acting and continues to share stories of hope and authenticity in her career. She wholeheartedly thanks the Lord, James the Less team, everyone at EWTN, CPM Talent Management, family and friends, and all those supporting this show.

F.J. Zentner as Fr. Lambert Burns

F.J. is an American actor. He has worked in film, television, commercials and theatre. He was born and raised in San Angelo Texas. He lives in Los Angeles. In his leisure time he enjoys hiking, horseback riding, bicycling, hunting and fishing.