Economic Bodies

Among the new categories of offices in Praedicate Evangelium are the Economic Bodies. These include the Council for the Economy, the Secretariat for the Economy, the Administration of the Patrimony of the Holy See and the Office of the General Auditor.

Council for the Economy
Coordinator: Cardinal Reinhard Marx
Deputy Coordinator: Dr. Joseph F.X. Zahra

Established by Pope Francis on 24 February 2014, with the Apostolic Letter issued Motu Proprio “Fidelis dispensator et prudens”, the Council was given the task of supervising the economic management and of supervising the structures and administrative and financial activities of the Departments of the Roman Curia, of the Institutions connected with the Holy See and the Vatican City State. The Council is made up of fifteen members, eight of whom are chosen from among Cardinals and Bishops, in order to reflect the universality of the Church and seven are experts of various nationalities, with financial skills and recognized professionalism.

Secretariate for the Economy
Prefect: Rev.Juan Antonio Guerrero Alves, S.J.
General Secretary: Dr. Maximino Caballero Ledo
Secretary for Administration: Msgr. Luigi Mistò (ad interim)

The Secretariat for the Economy performs the function of Papal Secretariat for economic and financial matters, exercising control and vigilance in administrative, economic and financial matters over curial institutions, offices and institutions connected with the Holy See or which refer to it. It also exercises special control over Peter's Pence and over the other Papal Funds.

Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See
President: Bishop Nunzio Galantino
Secretary: Dr. Fabio Gasperini

This Office is competent to administer the goods proper to the Holy See, the income from which is destined to support the expenditures necessary for the functions of the Roman Curia. It is assisted by the Cardinal Consultors in this task. Extraordinary Section: Handles the duties committed to it by the Sovereign Pontiff.

Office of the General Auditor
Auditor General: Alessandro Cassinis Righini (ad interim)

The Office of the Auditor General is entrusted with the task of auditing the consolidated financial statements of the Holy See, according to the annual audit program approved by the Council for the Economy. This includes auditing the annual financial statements of the individual Curial Institutions and of the Offices and Institutions connected with the Holy See. The annual audit is to be reported by the Auditor General to the Council on Economic Affairs for its approval. (EP art 223)