Women Made New

Every week, author and speaker Crystalina Evert chats with her guests about the hard topics that women struggle with. She and her guests remind everyone it’s never too late to start over. Women Made New is women helping women!
Megan Madden
Crystalina Evert invites Megan Madden on to discuss Our Lady and her new book Mary, Teach Me to Be Your Daughter.
Fr Donald Calloway
This week Crystalina interviews special guest, Fr Donald Calloway.
Prayer Book for Tired Parents
Crystalina Evert invites Debbie Cowden on to talk about her and her husband David's new book, "The Prayer Book For Tired Parents." There's a lot of #wisdom in the Church on how #parents can become #holy plus learn how to write your own Litany of Saints. Don't miss out on the opportunity to disciple your children. #Catholic #Jesus
An Interactive Mass Book For Kids & Motherhood During The Holidays
Jennifer Sharpe is a Catholic mother joins to discuss engaging books for Catholic children including the "My First Interactive Mass Book". After that, Melissa Campbell and Danielle Grandy join to discuss navigating the difficulties of motherhood during the holidays and what you can do to get through those moments.
Healed And "Unbroken"
On tomorrow’s Women Made New at 12PM Eastern, Crystalina Evert discusses “Unbroken” a chapter from her book "Women Made New: Reflections on Adversity, Transformation, and Healing." Have you ever felt that you are not enough, that you amount to less than those around you or have you questioned your own God-given, abilities and skills? These negative voices seem so much more powerful than that small still voice telling us to do what is right, that you have what it takes and that God has given you everything that you need. Crystalina helps us to overcome these securities that we allow to control our lives. Let’s experience victory this Advent!
What Is An Advent Wreath?
Crystalina Evert brings on Fr. Agostino Torres, CFR to discuss his book "Prepare Your Heart, A Guided Advent Journal" to help us bring Advent into our homes. In addition, Fr. Agostina reflects on imagining Advent from the perspective of St. Joseph, did you know the origin of the Piñata was actually invented for Advent?, and what is an Advent Wreath? Let’s make this an Advent where we focus on Jesus. Plus, Eucharistic Revival and a minute with Debbie Cowden on God's goodness.
Raising Infants, Pivotal Moments & The Rosary
Crystalina Evert invites Jessica and Cameron Riecker back to discuss how #God has worked in their lives, how they are handling raising an infant, Cameron shares how praying the #Rosary has helped him figure out God's will, and pivotal moments in the life of a #mother. Plus a minute of #gratitude with Justin Fatica. #Catholic
Women Striving For Holiness
This week we hear Catholic women share their stories of striving for holiness in their daily lives. Crystalina sits down with mother and daughter Marie and Erin, to hear about their Catholic faith.
Stories from Everyday Catholic Women
Listen to stories from everyday Catholic Women doing great things for God. Regardless of what happened in their life, it's never too late to start over! Guests: Dominique Paplaczyk, Rachel Stiak , Diana Cantu
The Realness Of Being A Saint
This week on Women Made New, Crystalina sits down with Meg Hunter-Kilmer to talk about the Saints and draws from her book, "Pray for Us: 75 Saints Who sinned, suffered, and Struggles Their Way to Holiness." Also, Crystalina talks about the feeling of being alone and how God loves us and pursues even when we feel alone. Plus get to Confession, make time for Adoration and/or read your Bible. You will never regret the time that you give God.
Wisdom From Ordinary Catholic Women
Crystalina Evert shares her discussions from the 2023 Denver Catholic Women's Conference with everyday women who share their stories of wisdom and encouragement.
Spiritual Warfare
(Encore) Crystalina sits down with Dr. Paul Thigpen to discuss his book Manual for #Spiritual Warfare. Get tips on giving yourself and your friends and family the protection we all need. #spiritualwarfare
Make A Decision To Be Saint
Crystalina Evert has Kathleen Beckman on to chat about her new book, "Beautiful Holiness: Learning from Blessed Conchita". Kathleen shares how important it is for women to make an interior decision to become a Saint like Blessed Conchita did and follow through with what that means. Also what can women do to foster holiness in their families?
Giving Up One Hour For Jesus
Crystalina Evert has Fr. Joseph Mary on to discuss the book, "A Holy Hour With Mother Angelica", and how important it is to give up one hour for Jesus.
Finding Possibility In Motherhood
Lisa Canning joins Crystalina to reflect on her journey and how women can find possibility in motherhood and that motherhood doesn't have to be a thing that holds them back from pursing their interests or their careers. With the right mindset you can pursue your God given calling while being a mother. Also, Lisa talks about her new position at Guiding Star Project.