The short answer is: Not many.

Nonetheless, we thought our few readers might like to know who else is taking a look at Sodalitium Pianum once in a while, so we have provided some statistical information from our Google Analytics app (which tracks blog activity behind the scenes), and posted some charts below, with some brief commentary for each of the charts which follow.

Moreover, we will be making some significant changes based on these statistics, which will also be detailed below.


The chart above shows the top 10 cities with the most Sodalitium Pianum viewers.

The “not set” refers to our friend hiding behind the TOR browser.

Notice the American apathy: One would have thought a New York City, Los Angeles, or even Minneapolis in my own neck of the woods would have made higher showings, but they are eclipsed by a mere 50 viewers in St. Mary’s (out of how many thousands of SSPXers in that town?), and 37 users in Dallas, of all places?

And Post Falls only has a handful of viewers much further down the chart.

Now you see why the American Resistance has languished: There practically is no American Resistance to speak of.

People are tuned out in this country.

They prefer to watch football on TV after Mass on Sunday.

This chart shows how/where Sodalitium Pianum readers are dispersed throughout the world: The darker the color, the more unique viewers, ranging from 1,188 in the USA, to 0 in many other countries.

The number of unique viewers was encouraging, until one realizes that included among the 1,188 American unique viewers are random Google hits, users clicking on general search results, and of course, our adversaries.

This number is therefore rather discouraging.

The top 8 countries from whence Sodalitium Pianum viewers hail.

Note that the surprisingly large number of Brazilian viewers was primarily the result of two SP posts having interest in that country (i.e., there are not really that many regular viewers in Brazil, outside those two posts, and were mostly the result of Google searches, rather than logging directly onto SP).

After Italy, the numbers drop quickly.

This is a top 10 list of articles people actually clicked on in -I think- the last 30 days.

I believe the first line with 2,416 page views is just for people who came to SP, but did not click on any particular article (i.e., They just wanted to see what the latest post was).

Again, the numbers are anemic.  If you do the math, this equates to about 250 total blog hits/day.

Of those 250 hits, many will be the same users checking in throughout the day (and many of whom oppose the blog).

The conclusion here is that there is not much return for all the work that goes into the posts (especially the original articles).


2-3 weeks ago, SP added a PayPal donations button.

It was more of an experiment than anything, to test my suspicion that people are generally checked out, and that if they are generally unwilling to take any time out of their days to help build a Resistance for their futures, then they would DEFINITELY not send their money to those who were doing their work for them.

Since statements are only offered on a monthly basis, and we have not yet had the account open for 30 days, all I can provide at the moment in support of my conclusion is a screen shot of the PayPal “Wallet.”

In the 14-21 days that widget/app has been active, not a single penny has been received into it.

Were I to leave that donate app active for another 6 months, I fully expect the balance would be the same.

General Conclusions:

  • As Sodalitium Pianum is linked to by at least 10-15 other blogs, fora, and websites, these stats cannot be the result of ignorance of its existence, but instead of a general apathy and/or disinterest in its message;
  • Interest in the Resistance generally is waning; people who found an independent chapel in 2012-2013 no longer feel the need to build toward the common good, as they are comfortable in 2017.  But when their independent priest dies, they will have nowhere to turn, as a punishment for their short-sightedness. It will be Powers Lake, ND all over again in many places.
  • Consequently, going forward, our energies will be directed not towards the Resistance as a whole, but toward those few enterprises who are showing some initiative and desire to work.
  • 6 years of writing to help the SSPX to maintain and/or recover its identity has failed.  6 years of writing to help grow a Resistance has likewise failed to produce much harvest in the American wasteland.  Instead of beating our heads against a wall, we will redirect our energies and narrow our focus to spend our efforts helping those who actually want to be helped.
  • As a result, the subject matter which SP covers will narrow considerably.  In truth, our mission statement is being altered.  Keeping up with the constant barrage of SSPX compromises, changes, and contradictions, or entering into the fray of Resistance politics and disputes will no longer have any place on this blog; there are plenty of others who can do this, and they are all linked to on this blog.
  • We will help those who we can help in our own meager way.  But the heavy intellectual work; the polemics; the keeping abreast of general current events is through on this blog.
  • The pace will now slow and refocus.

The people who have spoken with their silence have been heard.