“When in 2015 the first Archbishop Lefebvre Forum disappeared from the web without a trace, it left behind a hole in the online Trad world. Someone made a rather poor attempt to fill this vacuum, but very quickly his forum became a magnet for pseudo-sedes and gossiping women, who were being made most welcome by the moderator. So I decided to try and do better, by launching

Initialliy the ablf3 forum did very well, with quite a few people making a real effort to raise the bar. We had a drop in numbers when some of Fr. Pfeiffer’s cult followers were booted out because of their dishonesty, and when the other cult followers subsequently decided to leave of their own accord and gather elsewhere. But as the numbers dropped the quality of the forum went up considerably, and for a while, if I may believe the feedback I received, the forum was very useful to quite a few people.

Until a few months ago, it became clear that through lack of serious contributions the forum had become a work of mainly two regular contributors. At the same time I noticed that a certain “forum with a US postal attitude” had also experienced a drop in good quality mail and an increase in “junk mail”. From this I conclude that many serious Catholics either have switched off their computer altogether, or decided to just “go with the flow” (i.e. downstream), or at least to let others do the work.

…a few people made an attempt to unite and strengthen the Resistance by launching a newsletter, by and for the Resistance. Unfortunately, despite the positive feedback after the first issue, it turned out that once again very few people turned up for the “working bee”. And since I have no intention to follow the bad example of another newsletter, i.e. of becoming a one man show, that project with great potential has now been all but abandoned.

So I decided to stop flogging a dead horse and to turn off my computer as well.

However, quite a few people contacted me asking me…to keep fighting. Among them were a few priests, one of whom asked me to come back and to turn the forum into a blog…his advice was “what cannot be changed must be endured”, or in the words of St. Thomas More : “You must not abandon the ship in a storm because you cannot control the winds. What you cannot turn to good, you must at least make as little bad as you can.” And this is the reason why I started this website : to try and help others make the best of a bad situation…

With this website then I will try to collect, translate and organize whatever I believe will be useful for Traditional Catholics in general, and the Resistance priests and laity in particular. Over the coming weeks I will try and recover the best posts and articles of the ablf3 forum and make them available on this website. I am open to suggestions or requests anyone may have, and I am especially open to people wanting to lend a hand (although I won’t be holding my breath). There are plenty of ways in which others can help : from giving feedback to passing on news and even writing articles or letters. Whether many people will pitch in or not, I will try my best not to be found sitting on my behind when Our Lord returns and calls each one of us to account for our time.”

Samuel Loeman

26 May, 2017