The following account reaches us from the French Resistance Forum


“We have just learned that Fr. de la Rocque is transferred to the Philippines. That is to say a short 11.106,64 km from Paris.

He will therefore have every difficulty in maintaining contact with the “wicked French anti-Liberals who do not want to rally to the Rome of Francis”.

For greater security, he is not appointed Prior of Manila, but he is [sent to] Davao, Annex of Manila, in the South East of the Philippines (try to find this hole on a map!)

But that is not all. He will have to learn the Cebuano [language] to speak with 75% of the inhabitants of the place where he is assigned, and for the other inhabitants, the Tagalog, the Hiligaynon and the Bagiboo [languages]!

What priest of a certain age could endure such a change? Fr. de la Rocque is certainly still young and nimble enough to be able to endure such trauma.

But a priest of 60 years or 70 years?

This sanction is therefore a warning (especially to the elders) for all those who might be tempted to resist, one way or the other, Bishop Fellay’s rallying policy.

Social death or exile.

The suitcase or the coffin.

Talk about the fsspx being a sect that knows how to break its members…”

With “Rita” from the same forum thread, we might ask Fr. de la Rocque:

Father, is there not more use to be made in extending the reign of God and in saving souls? This is a real brainwashing you will undergo. And while you learn languages and silence your scruples to enter the state of mind of the district, what will become of the good souls you have had the courage to warn of the danger in Paris?