“Two years ago you were a passionate churchman.  Now you are a passionate Lutheran.  We must just pray that when your head has stopped spinning, your face is to the front again!”

-St. Thomas More to William Roper

Let’s review the facts: In 2015, foreseeing the inevitable dead end of trying to run a seminary without a bishop to perform ordinations, Fr. Pfeiffer brought in a charlatan who claimed to be (among other things) a renowned neuro-scientist, confidant of popes, adviser to presidents, secret spy behind the iron curtain, and the most interesting man in the world.

A clear fraud, complete with doctored pictures, and bewildered by the rubrics of the Mass, his entrance into the Jonestown seminary in Boston, KY sparked outrage even among the hardcore dupes, including one Mr. Tony La Rosa, who broke ties with Jonestown over the manifest fraud.

Forced to send Bill Moran packing to Colorado, Fr. Pfeiffer and Fr. Hewko have (unbelievably) maintained all along that Bill was indeed a validly ordained priest, validly consecrated Bishop, and a Catholic.  

The question as to why Fr. Pfeiffer, holding such convictions, would nevertheless send Bill into seclusion was never answered: If he is all you say he is, why send him away?

Could it be because one day, Bill (i.e., the “validly consecrated bishop”) might be called upon to do Don Corleone a service?

For the next year, Mr. La Rosa fulminated over his break-up with the boss: An estranged Pfeifferite who nevertheless was fully in Jonestown’s camp otherwise, but who still had a bothered conscience over the fraud Don Corleone was foisting upon the dupes, he railed at the imposture.  

Eventually making a public mea culpa, and seeking readmission into the Church of Boston, having judged that between Bishop Williamson and Fr. Pfeiffer, the latter was the lesser of two evils (an error), Mr. La Rosa has now done a 180 degree turn on his previous position regarding Bill Moran.

The question is: Why?

With one poisoned forum reporting that Bill will be called upon to perform the “ordination” of Boston’s “highest ranking seminarian later this year;”  the fact that Boston has maintained Bill’s “valid” episcopal orders all along; Tony’s latest reversal which seems designed to bolster the believability of a manifest fraud’s valid episcopal orders; a “seminary” which after five years has not a single cleric; and the shunning of that “seminary” by all valid bishops, could the article which follows by Mr. La Rosa be poised to help prepare the terrain for the acceptance among the Dupes of the eventual (invalid) consecration of “Bishop” Pfeiffer?

Time will tell.

I give you Mr. La Rosa’s own incredible version of the “Conflict Zone: