Petition to Bishop Fellay and Ecclesia Dei Exceeds 500 Signatories (and Counting)

Petition to Bishop Fellay and Ecclesia Dei Exceeds 500 Signatories (and Counting)

The following letter and petition appeared on on 5/13 as an initiative of French District SSPX laymen, in response to the Society’s scandalous acceptance of the “pastoral guidelines” regarding the subjugation of SSPX marriages to the authority of modernist/conciliar officials.

Now extending well beyond the borders of the French District, the petition has received in excess of 500 signatures (at the time of this post) from all over the world.  That number is not insignificant (and will continue to grow over the next 30 days, after which it will be presented to Bishop Fellay and Ecclesia Dei).  When one considers that perhaps 50% of the signatories are attached to supportive families (i.e., rather than single laymen), the actual number of lay supporters is probably somewhere in the realm of 3,000 +/-.

The Sodalitium Pianum blog supports not only the 7 French District priests (and 3 French religious communities) who opposed Menzingen’s acceptance of the “pastoral guidelines,” but also the authentic “Catholic Action” of these French laymen, who are now receiving support for their initiative all over the world.

Please go to this website and sign the petition:

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As laymen faithful to the Society of Saint Pius X and to the the struggle of its founder, Archibishop Marcel Lefebvre [1], we declare the following:

–  We wholeheartedly and faithfully adhere to Catholic Rome, guardian of the Catholic faith and of the traditions necessary for the maintenance of that faith ; to eternal Rome, teacher of wisdom and truth.

– On the contrary, we deny ourselves and we have always refused to follow Rome with a neomodernist and neoprotestant tendency, which was clearly manifested in the Second Vatican Council and, after the Council, in all the reforms that arose from it.

This modernist Rome has not ceased to attack the true institution of marriage [2]. Vatican II has reversed the ends of marriage, whose first aim is no longer the procreation and education of children but “the self-fulfillment of the spouses” [3]. Many “conciliar” bishops and priests nowadays tolerate and even advise practicing contraception.

Let us remember principally that, on August 15, 2015, by the Motu Proprio Mitis Iudex Dominus Iesus [4] for the Latin Church and Mitis et Misericors Jesu for the Eastern Churches, Pope Francis established a kind of “Catholic divorce” in the Church [5]. Since then, any bishop can “annul” any marriage under various misleading pretexts. The new cancellation procedure provides for a 30-day free express examination by only a possibly secular judge appointed by the Ordinary Bishop. The burden of proof is for the defense, which means concretely that at the beginning of the proceeding marriage is presumed void !

Let us also remember that Francis accepts that communion be given to divorced persons who married again.

These destroyers of marriage who claim, according to the words of Cardinal Muller [6] “contribute to reassure the conscience of the faithful,” can not be the judges of our unions.

That is why we affirm our firm rejection that the priests of the Society of St. Pius X recourse to the bishops of the dioceses for our future marriages [7]. We want to safeguard our families for the salvation of our souls and those of our children. Archibishop Lefebvre preserved and left us as an inheritance the greatness and fidelity of the ancient Christian marriage. The faithful are the first concerned with the new marriage legislation proposed by Rome to Society of St. Pius X. We formally oppose it.

This letter will presented to Bishop Fellay and to Ecclesia Dei Commission on June 20th 2017.