Petition and Accompanying Letter Available Here

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Our “letter of the faithful” has come to an end, thanks to you we have reached 696 signatures, thank you!  It is sent this day to Monsignor Fellay and to the Commission Ecclesia Dei.  You can read the letter that accompanied it below.  We have included your comments by deleting the name / first name / postal code of the editors.  Thank you again for your help in defending traditional marriage and for supporting our priests so unjustly punished!

Christus vincit!

Marcel Timafe


Paris, June 25, 2017,

Your Excellency, Eminence,

You will find herewith the text of a petition from faithful followers of the heritage of Bishop Marcel Lefebvre and which has collected nearly 700 signatures. These faithful estimate that the new arrangements you have put in place regarding the administration of the sacrament of marriage to the betrothed attached to the Catholic tradition are not compatible with fidelity to a Catholicism free from the mistakes of Vatican II.

We have included the comments of the faithful on the occasion of the signing of this petition. These comments show the profound rejection by the faithful of the provisions in question and, more generally, their fundamental opposition to a canonical regularization of the Society of Saint Pius X which would not be preceded by the recognition and rejection by the Roman authorities of the errors of the Second Vatican Council. Any other procedure can only be interpreted as the betrayal of Bishop Lefebvre’s struggle.

We did not allow ourselves any correction to the reviews. Of course we do not subscribe to the (rare) invectives that they could contain.

Excellency, Eminence, may our Lord Jesus Christ enlighten you and give you the strength not to yield to the mirage of a practical agreement when the Church is dying of the dogmatic ambiguity resulting from the evil Vatican II.

Marcel Timafe