For those who are still not aware, Mr. Hugh Akins (famous author of Synagogue Rising, and longtime President of the League of Christ the King) publishes a quarterly journal called “Oportet Christum Regnare” (“Christ Must Reign”), described on the front cover as “A Catholic Action Quarterly of Counterrevolutionary Resistance and Restoration.”
The latest edition just arrived in the mailbox today, and as usual, I dropped everything to thumb through it: 27 concise articles, letters, and editorials covering 68 pages.
As always, this edition begins with a letter from Fr. Francois Chazal (Chaplain, League of Christ the King), which you will not find anywhere on the internet.  In this most recent issue of Oportet Christum Regnare, Fr. Chazal makes a particularly interesting proposal to Fr. Zendejas and Hugh Akins.  I will not here say what it is, but if you (Fr. Chazal/Fr. Zendejas/Hugh Akins) are reading: A year ago I would have had reservations about supporting or participating in a project such as this, but no more.  

Count me in!
Next comes a letter from Mr. Akins, offering commentary on the politics surrounding the battle for the restoration of Christ the King (such as recent events in Poland, and the continuous battle against Jewish Zionism), and how these things tie back into the religious domain (for good or ill).
After these, one will find articles touching upon US foreign policy, electoral politics, developments in the conciliar church, and articles on all things Resistance.  The common denominator, as always, is to assess the effect of these developments upon the drive for the restoration of the Kingship of Christ.
Precisely because of its breadth of subject matter, it occurs to me that subscriptions to Oportet Christum Regnare would appeal to a wide demographic, and would be a particularly valuable resource for those who: 
1) Because of busy lifestyle are generally unable to keep up with developments; 
2) Those who do not go online; 
3) Friends and relatives you are trying to reach, but who never follow your advice to look things up on the internet, or read the books you recommend; 
4) Those in Tradition who do not yet see the wider parameters of the battle; 
5) Those in the Resistance (or those who were turned off from the Resistance) who are/were only exposed to the far-out polemics of Boston.
You can subscribe to Oportet Christum Regnare on Hugh Akins’ recently renovated and consolidated website here:

Or, you can just scroll down my home page to the icon for Mr. Akins’ website at the bottom of my blog list on the left-hand side of the page, which will also take you to the same website
Please also keep in mind that Mr. Akins’ ability to continue to generate excellent and invaluable works like Oportet or Synagogue Rising is largely dependent upon your support (either by subscription or donation).  If we want to rebuild and fortify the bastions of Tradition, and fill the voids left by a drifting SSPX, then we need to support the initiatives of those few “doers” among us.  If these initiatives are met with apathy, then what good does it do for God to raise up warriors, when nobody will finance their shield and sword?
PS: Yes, I always put my money where my mouth is, and I do subscribe to Oportet Christum Regnare (and purchased another subscription for one I knew would never expose herself to such articles, were they not to find their way to her mailbox each quarter).

Soldier of Christ:
Hugh Akins (foreground) fighting communist enemies of Christ in Vietnam,
and all over the world ever since!
(Note the wounded hands?)