Notice of Lenten Hiatus

Notice of Lenten Hiatus

In order to enter more deeply into the spirit of Lent, the Sodalitium Pianum blog will be taking a hiatus from posting new content until Holy Week.

At that time, we will do our best to post YouTube videos of the fully traditional (i.e., Pre-Bugnini/Pius XII) ceremonies of Holy Week.

Some of these ceremonies have already been recorded from previous years, and therefore can be posted a day in advance, to allow for study and reflection.

Others will be recorded live for the first time this year (e.g., Palm Sunday, with procession), and therefore may not be uploadable until late in the day of their celebration, or lamentably, perhaps not even until the day after.

Following along with these recorded ceremonies, in conjunction with reviewing the articles this blog has posted in the “Liturgical Movement” tab/category will help readers enter more fully into the season of Lent, and prepare for Easter, and for this reason, we make an exception to our hiatus in this regard.