New Details Coming to Light on Fr. Morgan’s Departure from the SSPX

New Details Coming to Light on Fr. Morgan’s Departure from the SSPX

On August 11, Sodalitium Pianum reported on the departure of Fr. Paul Morgan (former SSPX British District Superior) from the Society.

On August 12, we followed up that initial report with additional details surrounding Fr. Morgan’s resignation.

Today, still more details connected with the circumstances surrounding Fr. Morgan’s departure from the Society have emerged on the French Resistance forum.

Apparently, Fr. Morgan had written a private letter to Bishop Fellay, expressing his disagreement/opposition to the new SSPX policy subjecting their marriages to conciliar jurisdiction.

Menzingen’s response?

They issued an ultimatum to Fr. Morgan:

Either he submit an apology for his private letter, or, be dismissed from the SSPX!!!

The French forum user “Mikael” observes the irony and contradiction inherent in this ultimatum: has just published an article in which it laments the dismissal of a conciliar theologian for his public criticism of the Pope, after having more or less compelled the resignation of one of its better priests for his merely private dissent.

And more to the point: How is the delusional SSPX going give a lesson to Rome, when we see what happens to those who try?

Does Menzingen think it will be exempt from the same tyrannical treatment from Rome, which it meted out to Fr. Morgan?

Meanwhile, we have reliable confirmation that Fr. Morgan has been actively ministering to Resistance faithful in France, where he plans to remain.