Neo-SSPX: The New Bourgeoisie of Tradition

Neo-SSPX: The New Bourgeoisie of Tradition

Sodalitium Pianum would like to bring an article to your attention, as we think it hits very near the mark:

Our friend Ignacio Kilmot of the Argentinian Syllabus resistance blog has recently published an excellent article titled “Neo-SSPX: The New Bourgeoisie of Tradition,” which Samuel Loeman has just translated into English over at Tradidi.  

As Paravese said of the bourgeoisie (not from the article):

“Middle class, middle man, incapable of great virtue or great vice: and there would be nothing wrong with that, if only he would be willing to remain as such; but, when his child-like or feminine tendency to camouflage pushes him to dream of grandeur, honours, and thus riches, which he cannot achieve honestly with his own “second-rate” powers, then the average man compensates with cunning, schemes, and mischief; he kicks out ethics, and becomes a bourgeois.

The bourgeois is the average man who does not accept to remain such, and who, lacking the strength sufficient for the conquest of essential values—those of the spirit—opts for material ones, for appearances.” (See here)

Along these lines, Ignacio Kilmot (in the article) says of the Society:

“The Society looked at itself in the mirror, was pleased with itself, and said to itself: “I am good, but I do not have everything I deserve. I do not have the appreciation that I deserve. Rome wants to give me those things, Rome wants to recognize me, and that’s very good”. Satisfied with itself, the Neo-SSPX was dissatisfied with what it had. Especially because it lacked the appreciation of it’s Catholicity, on the part of the Roman authorities.”

See the rest over at Tradidi (or at the Syllabus, if you can read Spanish) in the links above.