[The following report has been confirmed by a Dominican priest in Avrille.

Initially posted Here, the translation of the italicized portion -which has been slightly corrected- is the commentary of yet a third priest on the explanation given by Fr. Albert (of Steffeshausen), which follows]


Dissolution of the Dominicans of the Holy Rosary of Steffeshausen

The Dominican community of Steffeshausen was dissolved by Bishop de Galarreta.
Reason: dissension between Father Albert, superior, and the other four members (3 Fathers and a Brother).
Bishop de Galarreta told them that “no longer having any real jurisdiction over the Benedictines, the Capuchins and the Fraternity of the Transfiguration,” he had only the Dominicans left of Steffeshausen. He therefore decided to use his authority to dissolve a community where the superior was no longer accepted because “too independent”, too vague in his positions, and no longer sufficiently in the “Dominican rule.”
Father Albert was sent, as he wished, to Canada.
Father Jean Dominique is in Bellaigue.
The two other Fathers and the brother have remained at Steffeshausen for the moment.
Another blow for Menzingen who thought to get the best of the Dominicans of Avrillé by “raising” this new community … It backfired, especially since all of the religious are fiercely opposed to the ralliement of Bishop Fellay.”


From Fr. Albert (of Steffeshausen):

“As you know in November of 2013 five of us former members of the Dominicans of Avrillé came together here in Steffeshausen, Belgium to try to begin a new community with the blessing of Bishop de Galarreta.

This had become necessary because of our departures, at different times and in different circumstances, from the community of Avrillé, community which, a few months later, broke completely with the Society of St. Pius X and became the pole of the so-called “Resistance”. It seemed that there should be an attempt to start a new foundation where these dispersed members could continue to live the Dominican life in community.

After almost four years together we have come to the conclusion, with the agreement of Bishop de Galarreta, that we should not continue with this new community and pursue our Dominican life separately, as we had been doing before our reunion in 2013.

Looking back now it seems that Providence already had in mind this path for us since, in spite of all our efforts, every time we seemed on the brink of purchasing a property in France something happened to block it.”