The picture you see above hangs as a 24×36″ poster on the wall of my 7 year-old son’s bedroom.

The way his bed is positioned, he must look at it every knight as he retires.

Notice the posture of this Knight Templar: Surrounded by Muslim infidels, there is not a trace of fatalism, fear, or reluctance about him.

Rather, everything about this picture screams: “If you want some, come and get some!”

The only message conveyed by this picture is one of resolve and valiance.

Resolve and valiance!

If one were to look up those two terms in Webster’s dictionary, he would find the following definitions:

Resolve: To decide firmly on a course of action.

Valiant: Possessing or showing courage or determination.

There was a time when many men possessed these qualities, but that time is obviously gone.

What I see today, primarily among internal Resistance clergy and laity, but external as well (though manifested differently), is a pronounced lack of the virtue of fortitude.

The great Thomist, Josef Pieper wrote in his masterpiece “The Four Cardinal Virtues,” that the virtue of fortitude is the willingness to fall in battle.

Look back at the picture of the Templar.

Are YOU cut from THAT mold?

Shall I be blamed for pointing out the deficiency?

Well, it is not too late to exempt yourselves from the indictment!

G_d help us if our clergy have fallen so far from the example of the Archbishop, who hazarded all for the faith, and showed a willingness to suffer on account of it.

The reign of Christ the King was not won by this timid path the Resistance has set out upon (much less the internal Resistance).

Fear, fatalism, hiding, pessimism, hopelessness.

The hell with that!

Viva Christo Rey!

The Resistance had better find the courage to fight for the reign of Christ the King, or it itself will not be worth fighting for!

(Cristero martyrs hung by the Masonic Mexican government soldiers during the La Cristiada)