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The seminary of Saint Louis Marie Grignion wants to follow the spirit that Bishop Lefebvre gave to Ecône. 

This spirit is evidently a spirit of Faith, of fighting and defense of the Faith, but also of a spirit of charity. 

This is what the archbishop wanted for his seminaries:

Excerpt from Bishop Lefebvre’s lecture of January 18, 1977:

“So you are here to learn this wisdom, and not only to learn it, but to live it; it is useless to learn and not to live; a useless sknowledge that does not turn to charity: scientia inflat caritas.  Knowledge, if it is not based on inflated charity, gives pride, leads one to believe that one is a scholar, but true knowledge makes us humble, on the contrary, and makes us aspire to practice this knowledge in our life, and therefore to have charity, and this is of very great importance in all respects for your personal sanctification.

“When you are in the chapel, when you are in your cells, wherever you are, this knowledge is always in you; that this wisdom is always in you, that you live, that you did not go out, I would say, of this mindset, that you lived by this attitude of The life with our Lord Jesus Christ, life with all these mysteries, these great mysteries of which we live, these sacraments, that grace which is given to you, that grace you receive in the morning in Holy Communion from Our Lord, these Prayers that you make, those graces you can receive throughout the day in fulfilling your duty of state and fulfilling the will of God, all this fills you with graces.”

               A brave seagull                             The Monastery Refectory

      A Visit to Mount St. Michael                      Ping-Pong During Recreation Time

                      Crossing the Loire                              Walking Along the Banks of the Loire

  Politics Course/2nd Year Seminarians           Manual Labor for Everyone!