Another report from our ally in France (Google Translated as usual), about which no commentary is needed:


A few priests of the FSSPX, who are generally young and inexperienced, have been chaperoned by the illustrious Abbot Matthieu Raffray of the Good Shepherd Institute to activate a Brotherhood grouping them all together. Known as “the Good Spirit,” as opposed to the letter of deans and friendly communities , a letter deemed “ignoble”, this Brotherhood was the occasion to hold a secret meeting in the Dordogne.

The meeting, spread over several days, was held in the village of Montagrier (village of the abbot Laignelot) in the second half of July 2017. The daily masses were celebrated in the village church, Ordinary perigourdin to whom all the pledges of “good spirit” had been given.

Among other things, the following were present at this meeting – a non-exhaustive list:

  • Abbot Matthieu RAFFRAY, Superior of the Latin American Province of the Good Shepherd Institute;
  • Abbot Timothy of BONNAFOS, stationed in Buenos Aires, Argentina;
  • Abbot Jean-François MOUROUX, based in Onex, Switzerland;
  • Abbot Eudes-Etienne PEIGNOT, director of La Martinerie-Châteauroux;
  • Abbé Nicolas CHALLAN BELVAL, based in La Martinique;
  • Abbot Benoît LAIGNELOT, posted in Enugu, Nigeria.

After having warmly welcomed the Roman opening on the marriage record, all of them were delighted to read the positive words of Bishop Fellay on the Ecclesia Dei communities in the last Cor Unum (issue 117 of June 2017)

  • “I wonder how some consider the” conversion of Rome “the return of the Church to its Tradition, while they carefully avoid any contact with the official Church, not to mention the Ecclesia Dei mobility. (Page 5).
  • “It is the same with the Ecclesia Dei movements, including in the Brotherhood of St. Peter, where we find a number of Nicodemes, convinced that the analysis of Archbishop Lefebvre on Vatican II is the right one. “(Page 6).

In citing this last passage, none of them has noticed that in the words of Bishop Fellay it is recognized that any canonical recognition implies a very real, even unwritten condition : once recognized by Rome, one can not Adhere to the authentic struggle of Archbishop Lefebvre that, like Nicodemus, that is to say, in the secret of the night and not in threads of light, far from any microphone …

Finally, the participants said that they adhered to the writings of the Abbe Francois Knittel – for whom the state of necessity recedes – text published very officially in the review of the General House. To believe that with Pope Francis, one of the greatest destroyers of the Church , things would be better!

In the face of this new spirit which invades certain parts of the fraternity, the superiors remain strangely silent , quite the opposite of their reaction following the letter of the deans . Symptomatic silence? One may wonder, when one knows that some priests of the district of France have been authorized to write, under pseudo , in magazines of the ecclesiadee movement: they only show the new “good spirit” .

Christian LASSALE