Kresta In The Afternoon

Well-known Catholic speaker and author Al Kresta speaks with people from all walks of life on various topics of the day, and about their walk with the Lord.
How Does Religion Impact Child Development?
Michel Therrien has tips for the New Evangelization. We talk with Dr. Greg Popcak about how religion impacts child development and Darren Geist shares how a daring rescue led him to Mary, who led him to Jesus.
Epiphany and the Search for the Magi
Teresa Tomeo shares “street-smart advice for a world gone mad” from her Italian American mother. We meet the real Magi with Fr. Dwight Longenecker.
Prepare for Epiphany
Peggy Stanton helps us prepare for Epiphany and Bill Evers asks if California’s math curriculum is “going woke.” Leah Savas traces the history of abortion in America, all the way back to 1665.
2023 in Bioethics
2023 was a busy year. Wes Smith, Andrea Picciotti-Bayer, and Ed Clancy join us to look back at the biggest stories in the fields of bioethics, religious liberty, and Christian persecution.
The Spiritual Life of J.R.R. Tolkien
The Spiritual life of J.R.R. Tolkien with Holly Ordway and How Did Reformists and Traditionalists drive Catholic history with John McGreevy.
Building a Eucharistic Culture
It’s the Penultimate day of the Countdown, and in this hour we explore the art of dying well with Dr. Steve Doran and At #3 in At #3 in our 2023 Countdown, we discuss building a Eucharistic Culture with Tim O’Malley.
The Biblical Meaning of Covenants and Marriage
Andre Villeneuve looks at the Biblical meaning of covenants and marriage. We examine the origins of gender ideology with Abigail Favale in this hour of the Countdown.
Are You Woke or Awake?
Are you “Woke?” Or are you Awake? Noelle Mering joins us. Fr. John Riccardo shares the incredible story of how the Commandant of Auschwitz repented of his crimes. Also, Kody Cooper examines what Oppenheimer tells us about vocation and Marcus Peter shares how Benedict XVI helped lead him to the Church.
Biblical Wisdom for Exiles
Scott Hahn joins us with Biblical wisdom for exiles on the journey home. Joseph Csicsila discusses the religious and social themes of Mark Twain’s writings.
St Paul and the Jewish People
Dr. Lawrence Feingold, who tells us what St Paul says about the Jewish people, and Al looks at Rachel Denhollander’s Christian witness after the stabbing of Larry Nassar. Why did so many Tik Tok users suddenly start claiming that Osama bin Laden’s “Letter to America” made some good points? Who is Isaac Hecker and why is his cause for beatification advancing?
The Church's War Against Slavery
Paul Kengor reviews the history of the Church’s war against slavery. Mona Charen explains how Hamas uses Israel’s humanity against it and Helen Alvare discusses religious liberty after the sexual revolution.
Knowing St. Francis
What impact do the Reformations have on our world today? Carlos Eire joins us. Bill Cook shares how studying St. Francis inspired him to help kids in third-world countries go to school.
Nazis, Nuremberg and Natural Law
We look back in history at the Nuremberg trials, emperor Constantine and the forgotten details of the medieval witch burnings. Al breaks down yesterday’s Vatican Document on pastoral blessings, and then we continue the countdown with Dan Philpott, looking at the anniversary of Pacem in Terris.
The Sacrament of Anointing: To Die is Gain
We look back on the public outpouring of faith after NFL safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field, and Stan Butt walks us through a year with Jean Valjean and Cosette. Our society’s fear of death makes it hard to appreciate the anointing of the sick. Roger Nutt from Ave Maria University gives us a re-introduction to the sacrament as we continue the 2023 Countdown.
What is the Fire of the Lord?
We kick off our 2023 Kresta in the Afternoon Countdown, looking back at the top interviews of the year. John Czarnetzky weighs in on the worst Supreme Court decisions of all time. Peter Herbeck discusses what it means to be set on fire by the Lord.