We happily received this endorsement of the Ipsa Conteret Resistance newsletter from the desk of Mr. Hugh Akins today, which will run in a future edition of his excellent quarterly journal Oportet Christum Regnare (“Christ Must Reign”):

“NOTE: A word about the Ipsa Conteret newsletter, a project of a group of Resistance leaders and activists: Ipsa Conteret is taken from “ipsa conteret caput tuum,” which translates “she will crush your head!” – a most appropriate title for the struggle in which we of the Catholic Resistance serve in the capacity of front line forces. We are told that the newsletter came into being to fill the void left by The Recusant, which has, unfortunately but undeniably, lost its way and fell by the wayside, another casualty in the great war for the triumph of the Twin Hearts of Jesus and Mary. The need for such a publication, in the hands of highly qualified lay apostles who did not hesitate to assume leadership positions on the Christian battlefield when Mother Church was plunged into such crisis as today, could not be greater. We are confident this missionary venture will yield abundant fruit because the men running it, contributing to it, supporting it, have long been producing outstanding writings and blog posts on the various online Resistance sites, for example at http://ablf3.com/, at Sodalitium-Pianum.com, and at http://Cathinfo.com to mention just three of them. We are convinced Ipsa Conteret will emerge as a major voice of Catholic truth and sanity at a time when not only the world, but no small part of the Traditional Movement and False Resistance militate against them. Therefore, let it be known that I, Hugh Akins, founding president of the League of Christ the King, editor of Oportet Christum Regnare, National Director of Catholic Action Resource Center, friend of the Bishops of the Resistance and most unworthy soldier of Christ, wholeheartedly endorse, support and recommend the Ipsa Conteret initiative to every Catholic serious about keeping and defending his holy and divine Faith. For further information about subscriptions, making a donation or submitting a manuscript to the editor for possible inclusion in a future issue, here’s the link: www.IpsaConteret.com.”

PS: For those of you who are not familiar with Mr. Akins’ excellent journal, you can check it out and subscribe here: http://ca-rc.com/magazines/oportet-christum-regnare-subscription