Fr. Angelo Mello de Carvalho


Sodalitium Pianum has received the following notice:

A Brazilian priest, Fr. Angelo Mello de Carvalho, finally left his parish with great faith, courage and caution.

He bade farewell to his parishioners, explaining that he could not but preach against ecumenism and the homage to Luther.

He was “suspended” by the local bishop a divinis the day after his farewell.

Fr. Angelo Mello de Carvalho has requested Bishop Thomas Aquinas, OSB to make his introduction to Bishop Faure, from whom he wishes to receive “the traditional Catholic formation which he did not receive in the modernist seminary.”

Bishop Thomas Aquinas, OSB has made the requested introduction, and Fr. de Carvalho now awaits orders from Bishop Faure.

Presumably, this will mean he will receive conditional ordination, request admission to the SAJM, and begin traditional seminary studies ASAP.

It was noted that his manner of exiting the conciliar church of 800 (which he had served for 10 years) was done with such edifying tact and prudence, that 30 of his parishioners have also followed him out of the conciliar church.

Finally, it is to be noted that Fr. Carvalho comes from the Archdiocese of Nitteroi, Brazil (i.e., the same area of Brazil from which the once-resolute Fr. Lourenço Fleichman, O.S.B. -author of the “Open Letter to the Priests of Campos“- also hails).

What more proof does one need of the Good Lord’s providential care for souls:

No sooner does one combatant flee the field, hitching his wagon to the sellout of the neo-SSPX, then another soldier arises from nowhere in his own backyard, and comes to the Resistance.

Let us thank the Good God for this priest, and pray for his perseverance in battle.