[The Reconquista Blog (French Resistance) has just posted an interesting article on the practical or de facto “rebirth” of GREC Here]

My quick translation:

13th Theological Congress of the Courrier de Rome (or G.R.E.C. ?):

A diligent reader of this blog [Reconquista] has transmitted the following remarks. The question really arises of who will meet in Paris next Saturday …

‘On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the Courrier de Rome is organizing its 13th International Theological Congress, in partnership with the District of France of the Society Saint-Pie X and DICI (January 14-14 2017), in Paris.

Saturday, January 14, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm: The congress will be held under the presidency of Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X, at the crypt of Our Lady of Consolation, 23 Jean-Goujon 75008 Paris.


9:00 AM: A brief history of the Courrier de Rome (Abbé Emmanuel du Chalard)
9:30 AM: Priests to the Rescue of Tradition (Jacques-Régis du Cray)
10:30 AM: Abbot Dulac and the law of the traditional Mass (Abbot Grégoire Celier)
11:30 AM: The Roman Theological School and the Cœtus Internationalis Patrum (Professor Roberto de Mattei)
3:00 PM: In the continuity of the Cœtus Internationalis Patrum (Fr. Jean-Michel Gleize)
4:00 PM: Evocation of the combats and fighters of the Courrier de Rome (Fr. Abbot Alain Lorans)
5:00 PM: The battle of faith continues (Bishop Bernard Fellay).

Free entry, donations welcome.

Sunday 15 January at 10.30 am: Pontifical Mass celebrated by Bishop Fellay at Saint-Nicolas-du-Chardonnet (23, rue des Bernardins 75005), Paris.’

What I would like to say, as a simple remark, is that we note that among the speakers there are in particular:

Meeting of the GREC-Abbé Lorans- Abbé Lelong- Abbé Barthe

-Jacques-Régis du Cray, ex-member of the G.R.E.C.

-Abbé Grégoire célier, ex-member of G.R.E.C.

-Abbe Alain Lorans, ex-member of the G.R.E.C.

– Abbé Emmanuel du Chalard, of whom Father Michel Lelong (in his book “For a Necessary Reconciliation”), writes on pp. 23-24 of the Group for Reflection Between Catholics (GREC) (NEL, 2011, 162 p.):

“In the months following the writing of the document written by Gilbert Pérol, the ideas he had put forward were taken up and developed by Mme Pérol in his book “Les sans-papiers de l’Eglise.” FSSPX, presenting its present situation, this book encouraged useful meetings between Catholics with different theological options. It was an opportunity for me to meet the Abbé Emmanuel du Chalard, who had been a close friend Of Archbishop Lefebvre, who welcomed me very kindly in the priory of Albano, near Rome, when Mme Pérol proposed to publish at the end of her book a free debate on the interpretation of the Council, The Abbe du Chalard accepted as willingly as I did, and in the years that followed, he never ceased to give the GREC such discreet and attentive support.”

With such a lineup, one can only suspect the orientation of this theological congress; And to say that it is not Bishop Fellay who will come to contradict the opinions of these people on Tradition, the place of the Fraternity St Pius X in the Church, or even a certain question of agreements with modernist Rome.”