Following the SSPX No Matter What

Following the SSPX No Matter What

If you haven’t checked out Samuel Loeman’s newly revamped Tradidi website yet, now would be a good time to do it:

He has just translated a short article from titled Is the Prelature Close?, which explains why most SSPX clergy and faithful will stay right where they are, no matter what Rome or Menzingen do next.

A choice quote which will convey the general premise of the author’s analysis:

“The marriage issue has been a good test for Rome and Menzingen. For a few weeks the reaction was quite lively but now it seems that everything is back under control (including and especially in France) since even those who did initially react have now accepted their sanctions. That was the first successful test.”

Rome and Menzingen know they have the SSPX in the bag.

Whether it is cowardliness, worldliness, delusion, or willful blindness, the Society priests “got their minds right” (and most of the faithful too), and they aren’t going anywhere, no matter what.

Oh, there will be some grumblers, to be sure.  For a while.  But they haven’t the metal or conviction to actually resist anything.  The bad examples of their superiors have shaken the troops.  “Better to be wrong with the Superior General, than right without him,” they will reason.

They will be the most miserable of all in the “brave new SSPX:”

Much like Orwell’s heroine Winston at the end of 1984, they will love Big Brother, only because they no longer have the intellectual, spiritual, and/or psychological capacity to oppose him.  Big Brother has them off balance, and they reason it is better to stay put than risk a mistaken resistance.

We can hope for nothing from this pitiful kind.

Yes, they have learned to love Big Brother.

All our hopes are now fixed on the SAJM (and a few affiliated religious communities).

The Society will not escape the snare, and they don’t deserve to.

[NB: In a couple weeks, I will copy/paste the article here.]