Feminism Hits the SSPX

Feminism Hits the SSPX


Concomitant with the absorption of the SSPX into the conciliar church, is its infection with worldliness.  After all, what is conciliarism, but a capitulation of “Catholicism” to the values of materialistic secularism? 

Anyone who understands this, then, will not be surprised to see all the same deviations currently plaguing the conciliar Church (e.g., feminism, materialism, modernism, and worse) making inroads into the SSPX, as the latter makes its exit from Tradition into that conciliar counterfeit.  It will not consciously desire to embrace these deviations, but will be impacted by them nonetheless as a consequence of going “mainsteam.”  

It will be one of the costs of “escaping the ghetto” the Society now thinks itself to have been unhealthily contained in.

The Society has forgotten that both Rome and the modern world are diseased, and as it comes to terms with both (i.e., coming to terms with conciliar Rome = coming to terms with the modern world), it is only natural it should begin at some point to show symptoms of having caught the disease of worldliness.

For several years, we have seen undeniable evidence of this creeping conformity of the SSPX to the dictates of worldliness:

Seminarians posing in and around Mercedes-Benz automobiles at fundraisers in Winona (but not minivans!); grotesque new psychedelic discotheque-like chapels in Spain; unnecessary luxurious 9-digit seminaries in Virginia; District newsletters incessantly seeking to upgrade rectories and schools; poo-pooing the normalcy and desirability of having large families (“The home is not a breeding factory” one told me.  Francis, who said something very similar, would have been proud of that one!), etc., etc.

But the above video hits a new low: 

The branded, semi-conciliar SSPX presents to you a “business woman” in a blazer (i.e., men’s clothing) to bring you the news.


“What, you got a problem with that?”

“Every woman should have a right to a career!”

“Your daughters might be inspired by seeing her in an authoritative role!”

The SSPX needs to demonstrate to Rome that not only has it capitulated on the battle to preserve traditional doctrine, but that it has also compromised on the battle to maintain traditional social and moral teaching:

These are the entrance requirements for membership in the conciliar counterfeit church.

“Nothing has changed, mind you!”

“Everyone knows the halls of Menzingen, Kansas City, Winona, and Econe were crawling with young female blazer-wearing hipsters, charged with conveying to the world whatever the SSPX wanted you to know.”

“Get over it, Johnson!”

So much for the days of the SSPX teaching that women and men had divinely appointed vocations, suitable to their sex, and predetermining specific roles within the Christian family (with the men leaving the home to provide, and the women staying home to teach and nurture): 

“We’ll show that damn Bishop Williamson!”

“Look, Your Holiness, we have changed!”

“We will be popular now!”

“You can take us in!”

Oops, gotta run…need to change the baby’s diaper and get dinner on, before my wife finishes chopping the firewood and changing the oil!