Chronology of the Internal Resistance Uprising in France

Chronology of the Internal Resistance Uprising in France

The following chronology is excerpted from a private email which I distributed amongst approximately 50 friends and allies, clerical and lay, yesterday, concerning the recent opposition of 7 deans of the SSPX French District, and the superiors of the three allied French monasteries of Bellaigue (Benedictine), Morgon (Capuchin), and the Transfiguration, to Menzingen’s acceptance of the “pastoral guidelines” of Pope Francis regarding the subjection of SSPX marriages to diocesan control and authority.

We will continue to update it as events unfold.


3/27/17: Cardinal Gerhard Muller authorizes “pastoral guidelines” for marriages in SSPX chapels, which envisage that “Insofar as possible, the Local Ordinary is to grant the delegation to assist at the marriage to a priest of the Diocese (or in any event, to a fully regular priest), such that the priest may receive the consent of the parties during the marriage rite…”

4/4/17: The pastoral guidelines are published by Rorate Coeli, and ignite an instantaneous firestorm (even amongst conservative/indult media outlets like The Remnant):

4/4/17: Rather than rejecting this interference and entanglement with diocesan authorities, the SSPX “conveys its deep gratitude to the Holy Father for his pastoral solicitude.”

4/16/17: Fr. Phillipe Francois in his Easter Sunday sermon denounces both the pastoral guidelines on marriage specifically, and the ralliement movement generally, and exhorts Menzingen to return to the path of Archbishop Lefebvre.  I am not aware of any public updates regarding Fr. Francois’ fate since this sermon was given.

4/18/17: Attempting to justify support for these pastoral guidelines, GREC collaborator (and former SSPX Communications Director) Fr. Lorans, publishes a bizarre account titled “The Adventure of Georges” which depicts the psychological evolution of “Georges” who has benefited from all the concessions Rome has made to the SSPX since the ralliement began.  He is now at peace.  For the original DICI publication, as well as some insightful responses to this fictitious account, please see the French Resistance forum here:

5/7/17: French media outlet publishes a collaborative work of 7 of the 10 French District deans, and all three major French religious congregations: The Benedictines of Bellaigue, Capuchins of Morgon, and the Transfiguration, denouncing the acceptance of ordinary jurisdiction for SSPX marriages, and the pastoral guidelines generally.

5/7/17: Fr. Bouchacourt (SSPX French District Superior), at the direction of Menzingen, immediately denounces all 7 SSPX deans, and removes them all from their positions of leadership.

5/10/17: Fr. Bouchacourt addresses all the priests of the French District with an encyclical, and denounces the 10 signatories as “rebels” and “subversives.”  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

To date, I am not aware of a response from the 7 deans and 3 religious congregations to Fr. Bouchacourt.

Various SSPX priests, Resistance priests, and laymen have made responses (mostly in French).

If a response from the 7 deans is forthcoming, it will be posted here.