Catholics Coast to Coast

A weekly look at some of the best Catholic podcasts from across America, all available at EWTN’s Podcast Central!
Is Suffering from God?
This week, Host Ace McKay starting the New Year with conversations from “Catholic Influencers” about suffering and “A Reason of Hope” prepares your heart if you or someone you knows boyfriend is called to be a priest.
CATHOLICS COAST TO COAST This week, Host Ace McKay brings you into the conversation with Taylor & Sarah on “Forte Catholic” as they discuss people getting married later in life, the lack of young people going on dates & young Catholic women longing for marriage. In addition, we introduce you to a new podcast called “Catholic Influencers” as they discuss what to do if you feel you are called to marriage but find yourself over 30 and single.
Is God at Work?
This week, Host Ace McKay helps to wrap up Advent with the team from “Poco-A-Poco” answering the question of Can we believe God is working? and when it comes to charitable gifts during the holiday season, “Pints with Aquinas” lets us know if we should be giving to the poor?
Advent Lifestyles
This week, Host Ace McKay reflects in to the Advent season with the help of “Just a Guy in a Pew” podcast that shows how advent practices can be everyday practices through the year. Also, “Mamas in Spirit” reminds us of the memories we can build at Christmas that make it special in our closeness with Christ.
From Advent to Hope-a-holic
This week, Host Ace McKay helps us through the advent season as “Catholic Review Radio” offers inspiration and some practical advice for celebrating the holidays in a meaningful, hope-filled way. In addition, Throughout the Advent season - shopping is on everyone's mind. “Restless” talks about how shopping for material goods can impact our spiritual life, for the positive and the negative.
Submission in Marriage
This week, Host Ace McKay helps find the answer to how should married couples understand submission in marriage. Thanks to Pre-Cana with the Pope” and Dr. Scott Hahn breaks down how we should be praying for current dark times looking into weekly mass readings on “Letters from Home”
Conquering Anxiety
This week, Host Ace McKay spotlights two brand new podcast including “Pentecost Today USA” where Dr. Karen Dwyer talks about conquering anxiety and the joy of advent. In addition, Ace introduces you to “Inspired by Faith” chats with Jennifer Rice about what missionary discipleship is and how the catholic church can benefit.
Igniting A Fire
This week, Host Ace McKay spotlights the conversation happening with “The Catholic Influencers” with can we do yoga? and on “Dare To Be Great” how do we know if we truly leading others and igniting a fire in them.
The Will of God
This week, Host Ace McKay spotlights the conversation happening with “The Catholic Man Show” with What does it mean to know the will of God? And on “The Catholic Gentleman” How to view money through God's eyes, and the way forward to live a truly happier life.
Exorcism Prayer & Taking Marriage Back
This week, Host Ace McKay introduces you to a new podcast called “The Tangent” where this week that talk about how we can say the exorcism prayer for the church and “Just a Guy in the Pew” lays out a plan that show How we get the marriage we want from the marriage we have.
Taking Back Our Family
This week, Host Ace McKay dives deep to the Rosary and devotions to Mary thanks to guys with “Poco-A-Poco Podcast” and tips on how to improve communication and take back our families on “The Messy Family Podcast”.
Divorce Healing
This week, Host Ace McKay introduces us to the newest member of the podcast family with “The Ruth Institute Podcast” talking about healing for children of divorce and “The Rome Boys” are back answering questions from the mailbag on mass, marriage and more.
Are Catholics in Exile?
This week, Host Ace McKay spotlights the great conversations that help to answer the question, “Are Catholics in Exile” with the help of Scott Hahn’s “Road to Emmaus” and “Springs in the Desert” are bringing peace to those facing infertility and the grief that you face but can overcome.
Closer Relationships & St. Terese
This week, Host Ace McKay celebrates the 150th podcast with “Restless”, they discuss how we can have better and closer relationships with others, and then the celebration continues with “Catholic Women Now” truth, beauty and goodness of St. Terese.
Church Interplay & Rosie's Heaven Journey
This week, Host Ace McKay introduces you to our newest podcast to the family with “Mamas in Spirit Podcast” as hear the story of Rosie from Rosie’s sister Hayley sharing about the gift of Rosie, as well as the witness of her parents as they accompanied their beloved daughter as she prepared to go home to Jesus at just 19. Also, “A Reason for Hope” sits down for a discussion with the renowned Dr. Ralph Martin, author of The Fulfillment of All Desire and founder of Renewal Ministries. The group talks about Scripture, humanity’s need for salvation, the modern interplay between the Church and the world, a smaller Church of the future, and where Christian hope can always be found.