Capuchins of Morgon: An Insider’s Report

Capuchins of Morgon: An Insider’s Report

Fr. Francois Chazal was recently in Morgon, and gave this short response to some questions I had asked regarding the Capuchins’ current orientation:

“What can I say?

I got red carpet treatment, unlike three years ago, when I could not come inside…

Their book is pretty good, and reflects our own position, and they are churning out great quantities to inform the faithful, who agree Bishop Fellay is a traitor, etc.

They are collaborating with the Dominicans, and rescued the Knights of Our Lady from SSPX ban, and are chaplaining Civitas (also barred by the Society), and it goes on and on.

They are not interested in making a “declaration,” they just carry on as before 2012, and if Bishop Fellay wants to throw them out, it is up to him… for if he does not, they infiltrate and spread their views, and if he does, they bolster us officially.

Perhaps also they are weary of the sedevacantist tendencies of some resistance priests in France.


My take.