Bishop Zendejas and Fr. Francois Pivert Resign From the USML

Bishop Zendejas and Fr. Francois Pivert Resign From the USML

In March, Sodalitium Pianum reported on the resignation of Bishop Faure from the USML, in order to distance himself from the “non una cum” position which was spreading within that informal fraternity, here.

We receive word that Bishop Zendejas and Fr. Francois Pivert have also resigned their membership in the USML.

As regards Bishop Zendejas, whose resignation from the USML was already tendered a few weeks ago, it was inevitable, insofar as he was already a member of the SAJM, and as such, subject to his Superior General, Bishop Faure.  It was scarcely tenable that a subordinate bishop could remain a member of an organization from which his own superior had resigned, and so this was completely expected.

Admittedly, it would have been helpful for the orientation of the faithful had Bishop Zendejas communicated his reasons for the resignation publicly himself: If he judged the matter of the “non una cum” a serious enough error to cause his separation from the USML (and he did), then the faithful should not be left in ignorance of his resignation, lest through silence, they unwittingly continue to attend the masses of these priests, and imbibe the subtle poison which disposes and leads one to the terrain of hard sedevacantism.

More recently, Fr. Francois Pivert has also resigned from the USML, though it is unclear whether his reasons pertain to their “non una cum” position, or whether other reasons were the cause.  As more information becomes available, we will update this post.  Neither is it clear at this point whether or not Fr. Pivert intends to join the SAJM (whose constitutions explicitly prohibit sedevacantist membership, and require the prayer for the Pope in the Canon of the Mass, as is the case in the SSPX).

Let us hope the other non-sedevacantist members of the Resistance throughout the world will also join the SAJM, and forsake the liberal spirit of independence which is surely a temptation in these times.  In the early days of the Resistance, these priests had no choice, there being no canonically erected religious congregation to which SSPX refugees might flee.

But that is no longer the case.

Let us get on with rebuilding and normalcy, which for a priest means being subject to a juridical superior and hierarchy.