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 http://Bishop Tissier de Mallerais.: “Refusing any” reconciliation “with occupied Rome”

In mid-2008, Mgr. Tissier de Mallerais still seemed to behave as a true heir of Msgr. Lefebvre, clearly stating the truth about the Roma occupied by the enemies of Christ.Hesitaba not to make harsh statements today scandalize his superior in the Neo-Brotherhood and himself, he decided to obey the treacherous policy of ralliement who carry out successfully Msgr. Fellay and Francisco.

Reproduced below a significant fragment of the interview with the magazine The Angelus, July-August 2008, also published in Le Sel de la terre No. 66, Fall 2008.

Bishop Tissier de Mallerais.:

“Refusing any” reconciliation “with occupied Rome”

The Angelus: Many Catholics, who have fought alongside Archbishop Lefebvre, have a tendency, at present, to agree with a seemingly more conservative Rome, joining organizations that have a more “regular status” within the Iglesa.

Bishop Tissier: Yes, many losses due to a lack of principles, infidelities to combat fraternity, seeking commitments, an aspiration for peace, a desire for victory before the time fixed by God.

These poor people, be they priests, religious or secular, liberal and pragmatic are seduced by the smiles of men Vatican, I mean, of prelates of the Roman curia.They are people fatigued by the long, long struggle of faith: “Forty years is enough!” But this fight will last can be even thirty years therefore do not put the guns down, not looking for a “reconciliation” Keep up the combat!

Mons. Tisier said to be ” refusing any reconciliation with Rome occupied “.Reconciliation means restoring harmony between two or more parties. This is combatted stop and confront each other, to return to a state of pre – existing agreement. Refusingmeans rejecting. All , it means any kind of reconciliation, either bilateral or unilateral, with or without Prelature Prelature in terms whatsoever. And this because Rome was occupied. ¿Occupied by whom? By his enemies, by the Counter-Church. We are talking about the year 2008, when according to the interviewer seemed to be in Rome airs more “conservative” with Benedicto XVI. However, Msgr. Tissier was not deceived, knowing well the pernicious errors that constituted what he called “the strange theology of Benedicto XVI”, coming to write a book about it. Today, 2017, Does Rome still occupied, yes or no? It is still clearly seen that Rome is occupied by the liberals and modernists of the Counter-Church and that these occupants are even more powerful than the previous occupants, then dare to do things as outrageous as the previous did not dare. There is some protests, does not mean that Rome is weak, as do those who react being liberal, claiming the council, feasting on “John Paul II” and having as reference its “orthodoxy” to Benedicto XVI. On the contrary, who is weak is the SSPX, which it has been forced to negotiate a “reconciliation” as clearly stated before that you had to “accept no reconciliation with Rome occupied”. Today Msgr. Fellay and those who are no longer speak of a “Roma occupied” and in fact mention the loftiest modernists (Francisco, Card. Muller) to say they have support to fix what is wrong in Rome. Who has truly changed his position and his speech?

Should Msgr. Tissier still think the same as yesterday, why not firmly opposed to the policy of ralliement conducted by Msgr. Fellay, as at the time did Mons. Williamson?Perhaps because they fear personal consequences they may have (be expelled from the congregation)? God knows what goes on inside Mons. Tisier. We all we do is finding an inconsistency and a betrayal of his own thinking, with disastrous consequences are already seeing and they are expanding to reach the long – awaited agreement that for so many years working liberals. If so, will the words are gone with the wind. Perhaps when not react at the time that must react, when -esgrimiendo purely human reasons fueren- grace that God gives us to act at the right time when we, in defense of the faith, then God should no longer give the necessary graces for having the strength is not utilized that you need to immolate himself for the truth, putting into practice what is trumpeted with words.Msgr. Tissier defended before the priests of the ambiguous and treacherous Faternidad doctrinal statement of Msgr. Fellay April 2012, arguing that it had thus avoided suffering a new excommunication. Is that after that a combative reaction could be expected, both the bishop and the priests who received such justification silent? Is that perhaps forgot that its founder died under the “excommunication” of the Romans,

But we do not go further and mention some words of Msgr. Williamson that we can take into account in this case. He said on the occasion the fall of the priests of Campos, Brazil:

“Priests poor Campos! They have abandoned the health of their intelligence to re-enter the official Church and not be more in the cold (marginalization), from now on they will almost certainly follow everything they say the Romans, rather than return to cold “excommunication” of “schism”, etc. As the Fraternity of St. Peter, they have paid dearly (the price of the health and integrity of their intelligence) acceptance by Rome, they will pay to continue no matter what not to lose it. Rome knows well, and will exploit it thoroughly, but “gradually” as the theologian Pope he says.

Amazing. But not throw the stone. Confusion today is universal, and it comes from above – ” smite the shepherd , and the sheep will be scattered ” (Za 13.7; Mat 26.31..). In a war, bullets whistle, comrades fall. We spent half a minute to dry a wound or a tear with a tissue, and the war continues. Rather than cast a stone, think of ourselves. The priests of Campos today falling into madness and betrayal of Rome, HAD NEVERTHELESS TRUE MISA breviary TRADITIONAL PRAYERS AND OVER THE PAST TWENTY YEARS, and they have fallen. So who is the shelter?

I could say that the priests of Campos have fallen because Mons. De Castro Mayer has led them for too easy period before the Council has followed this passage, so that your case is a case of cincuentismo late. But, as we have said above, they have been warned against the earthquake before the Council, and then have had to rebuild everything from scratch. That was not enough to inoculate them against the modernist spirit, apparently not. Indeed, if these days are not shortened by God ‘sintervention, we run the risk of losing all health of our intelligence. Kyrie eleison. But ” when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is at hand “ (Lk. 21:28).

Dear faithful, without us have sought God has imposed greatness not to fall into the madness around us. For the love of Our Lord and His sorrowful Mother, we do not strip off the burden. ” He who endures to the end will be saved” (Mt. 10:22)

(Letter to Friends Seminary in Winona, in ” Campos has fallen , ” Le Sel de la terreNo. 40, 2002)

. Apparently, both Mons.Tissier as Bishop Williamson, say like, repeating certain words: ” Those poor people” , ” The poor priests of Campos”. But it’s not like that. . Bishop Williamson warns, as it has done for years, what St. Paul taught: “Whoever is standing, I look not to fall”. He never referred to the Brotherhood as possessing a letter of immunity, and this is why it has always warned, knowing human nature and the dangers of liberalism. Is part of humility recognize what Kempis says: ” We are all fragile, but you consider yourself the most fragile of all ” (I L. C. 2). San Francisco de Sales said in a letter:

You know, my daughter, that often happens that when we thought we were completely free of our old enemies, on those who had been victorious, we see them appear on theother hand we did not expect. There you have the great sage Solomon, who had done many wonders in his youth, believing and trusting with much virtue in past years;when it seemed to be free from attacks, was caught by the enemy, it seemed, he had less to fear.

It is for us to learn two very important lessons. One, we must always distrust ourselves with holy fear, and we must continually beg the help of heaven and live with humble surrender. Another, that our enemies may be rejected, but not be dead. Sometimes we leave them alone to attack more fiercely “(Cit. In the art of leverage our faults , P. Joseph Tissot).

It is the duty of the bishop and the priest warn of danger. Why Mons. Williamson called not throw a stone and instead watch over himself. It is probably this attitude that has kept out of the maelstrom that now drags the other bishops of the Fraternity to insertion into the concilar church. One seems to see in such harsh words of Msgr. Tissier a dismissive tone toward those who have fallen, the same that could be warned when always made sure from the ranks of the Brotherhood that it could not fall to Rome, because it was exempt because “it was not like the other congregations.” So today we can only made the proper finding, Bishop Tissier repeat his own words. Do not put the guns down, not looking for a” reconciliation “Keep up the fight!