Last week, Sodalitium Pianum reported on the retaliatory transfer of Fr. de la Rocque (one of the seven deans of the French District who had signed a collaborative work condemning the SSPX’s acceptance of Rome’s “pastoral guidelines” which shall govern marriages in SSPX chapels, and subject the reception and administration of that sacrament to diocesan jurisdiction) from the SSPX’s largest chapel in the world (St. Nicollet du Chardonay with 10,000+ faithful) to a Philippine mission most long time SSPXers have never heard of.

This week, we learned of new developments regarding two of the other signatories:

Fr. Thierry Gaudray (a model priest, and my former Professor of Ascetical and Mystical Theology, and Gregorian Chant, at the seminary in Winona) was demoted two levels: From Dean, he is degraded below Prior to simple Chaplain, and will be transferred to the Dominican school of Kernabat of the Côtes-d’Armor, effective August 15. (See Here)

Regarding Fr. Aldalur (Dean and Prior in Etcharry, France), the French Reconquista Blog reports:

“For the month of June, Father Aldalur wanted to publish a study on the personal prelature which was to be exhibited in three issues.

Unfortunately, last week he was absent three days to preach a solemn communion retreat for pupils, and one person (community or faculty) took advantage of this absence to trace back to Suresnes [District Headquarters] the content of this study.

When he returned to the priory, the Trinitarian of June (which was published but not distributed), had been censored and the faithful of Etcharry instead read the text “as we are” Abbot Bouchacourt.
The original ballots have disappeared…”  (See Here)

How much support do these Deans and religious communities have among the other 120 (+/-) priests of the French District?

Interestingly, one of the Resistance Bishops (who does not live in England) told me that Fr. Phillipe Francois (who recently gave a magnificent Easter Sunday sermon against the Personal Prelature Here), is said to have refused to sign the letter of his brother Deans.  Why?

Regardless, NOW is the time to rally around the Deans in France.

Very likely, this is the final chance for the SSPX to avert Operation Suicide.

NOW is the time for fortitude.

NOW is the time to hazard all for the love of the Church, and any reasonable hope for the recovery of its former splendor.

If this flame in France is allowed to die, be assured that the only future for the Church is Fr. Calmel’s “loose network of priests” after the world’s largest bastion of Tradition and common sense is absorbed into the Conciliar pantheon.

And if Fr. Calmel’s forecast is frightening and repulsive to you, then for Heaven’s sake, do something NOW!

If the worst shall happen to you, you have the SAJM and Bishop Faure right in your own back yard!

How many saints desired to be in your situation in these latter days (St. Louis de Montfort), that they could contend so gloriously for God and Church!

Be assured that if it is true that, “as goes France, so goes the Church,” so too is it true that, “as goes the French District, so goes the SSPX.”

NOW is the time (and there may never be another).

A prayer, a deep breath, and then the plunge.

Only public, organized, sustained resistance can save the SSPX, Tradition, and any reasonable hope for the future recovery of the Church’s former splendor.

Priests of France: You must rise to the occasion, and you must do it NOW!