A couple weeks ago, I vented my frustration with what I perceived to be the continuous demoralizing, fatalistic, and counterproductive messages contained in the writings and conferences of Bishop Williamson, and the negative impact I believe they are having on the growth of the Resistance (or any prospect of rebuilding the Church and Christian society).

Unfortunately, “venting” gave my writing a tone/tenor which in retrospect was regrettable (particularly, the suggestion that His Excellency may be sabotaging the Resistance deliberately).

My open apologies to His Excellency on both counts.

Aside from the insinuating suggestion referenced above, however, I do not retract the positions or conclusions I advanced in that post, only the tone/tenor with which they were delivered.

Had I to do over again, I would have stated my disagreement without the “heat” which distracted from the message I intended to convey.

Consequently, I have deleted the post in question, without, however, changing my opinion, and leaving open the possibility of producing a more objective rewriting of the same subject matter in the very near future.

In fact, it is my intention to do so, if I can find the right words.

Semper Idem,

Sean Johnson