A New Foundation for a New Foundation

A New Foundation for a New Foundation


A couple weeks ago, we posted an update regarding frugal construction plans for a (hoped for) future main house for the Victim Adorers of the Holy Face of Jesus in Ireland, which foresees the eventual use of shipping container construction as an affordable, budget-conscious means by which to build.

That article contained pictures of the excavation, as well as examples of shipping container construction.

Today we received word that the actual concrete pour of the foundation has been completed at a burdensome cost of 13,500 Euros (or $16,000 USD), and have attached additional/new pictures to the end of the article linked to above.

Note that I am deliberately NOT posting the new pictures here, because I want you to visit the previous article, in which you will come across the request/need for benefactors.  It was only by God’s grace touching the hearts of people like you that this building project could even begin, and it will only be by the same means that impoverished contemplatives will be able to sustain their vocations (which in turn make reparations to our Lord for the increasingly outrageous blasphemies and desecrations against His Holy Face, and hold back His righteous vengeance). 

I have to admit that, even though my last donation was only a measly $50, I was quite gratified to imagine that perhaps it financed 2-3 wheelbarrows of this concrete, and that despite all my wretched sins, I was able to do something good for God and His Church, which will count in my favor at the Judgment.

You see what can be accomplished when generous souls come together and commit to a purpose, even in these times!

God bless all the supporters and benefactors of these hermits!


[Fr. Cyprian, OSB recounts the critical importance Archbishop Lefebvre placed on the new foundation of contemplatives in the April 1990 edition of The Angelus:]

“I listened with tears in my eyes while the Archbishop reminded me that, for the good of our beloved Church, more monasteries must be founded. He said the Church will never recover from this present crisis without monasteries, without the contemplative life, and without the example of monks and nuns who consecrate their lives entirely to prayer and intercession.  The Archbishop went on talking for 45 minutes about the monastic life and its extremely crucial importance while I could only listen.”