Dear friends and Benefactors,

Through this message, we reiterate our gratitude to you for the assistance you have continually rendered to our monastery.

Without your precious help, we could maintain neither our monastic life, our apostolate, nor our school.

It is thanks to your fervent prayers for us, and to your generous donations, that our monastery has been sustained.

Always confident in your charity, we take the opportunity to ask for your help again in this moment of economic difficulty that we Have been going through.

May Our Lady of Fatima, in this centenary of her apparitions, reward you abundantly.

God bless you!

“Whatever the you to the least of my brothers, it is to Me That You do it” (St. Matthew XXV, 40)

+ Thomas Aquinas OSB

To help the monks of Santa Cruz Monastery, please visit their official website to make a donation in US Dollars, Brazilian Reals, English Pounds, or Euros here: Santa Cruz Monastery

(Note: The Dollar, Pound, and Euro are very strong against the Brazilian Real, so a small donation goes farther than you may have thought)