On May 20, we posted notice of a French petition initiated by faithful of the SSPX, addressed to Bishop Fellay and the Ecclesia Dei commission, expressing outrage over the Society’s acceptance of the Pope’s new “pastoral guidelines” regulating marriages in SSPX chapels, and the treasonous punishment of the “Seven Deans” (and three French religious communities) for having bravely resisted this betrayal.

Soon, the petition began to receive support from SSPXers and Resistance faithful all over the world (but curiously, the last time I checked, not a single SSPX priest had the guts to make a public protest with his signature!).

As in the times of the Arian crisis, the defense of the faith is primarily being maintained by the faithful, with the clergy watching the action from the rear.

Let us reaffirm our total rejection of these pastoral guidelines, and our refusal to attend any SSPX/Conciliar weddings wherein the local pastor has not publicly and unambiguously rejected the implementation of them, and reaffirmed his unwillingness to subject his faithful to the governance of heretic bishops. 

Today we received an update on the status of the petition, and we pass it along here:

Petition Update

“Dear signatories of the letter of the faithful to Bishop Fellay and to the Ecclesia Dei Commission,

Your petition is a real success! We are close to 700 signatures, which is a lot because the traditionalist world is so restricted.

Congratulations for this act of defending traditional marriage and support to our priests unjustly punished.

As announced, we shall deliver this letter to Bishop Fellay and to the Ecclesia Dei Commission in a week time, on June 20th.

Do you want to help us to reach the 1000 signatures before handing over ? If everybody gets there, we will do it!

So let your families, friends, acquaintances know about this letter so that we may be more many to continue the work of our priests who have acted for us, the faithful!

Thank you for your help!

Christus Vincit!”