100 years ago today, in the presence of Freemasons, naysayers, and devout faithful alike, Our Lady performed a public miracle in the presence of 70,000 people, to give credence to her private revelation to three Portugese children, in order that that her message and warnings for the Church and world would be heeded.

The sun came down from the sky, danced as a sphere, emitting dazzling colors across the landscape, instantly drying the clothes of all present (who had moments before been soaked by a rain shower), and the muddy ground upon which they stood, zig-zagged, and returned to the sky.

100 years after the fact, amazingly, the hierarchy of the Church has yet to comply with the request of the Mother of God to consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart, and the Church and world have suffered much because of it.

On this auspicious date, we wish to inspire fidelity in all to the requests of Our Lady, and encourage you to read the amazing 3-volume masterpiece of Br. Michael of the Holy Trinity (once recommended by Bishop Williamson not only as the greatest work on Fatima, but also the best history of the 20th century), titled:

 The Whole Truth About Fatima

Our dire world situation, and the crisis in the Church,are inextricable without fidelity to Our Lady’s request for the Pope and bishops of the world to consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart.

So long as they refuse, the Church and world will continue to sink into the muck and mire of neo-paganism, and prepare the stage for the advent of the Antichrist.

Meanwhile, some amazing photos and newspaper coverage of the Miracle of the Sun: