Fr. David Aldalur (SSPX) to Join the Resistance on Sept. 8

Fr. David Aldalur (SSPX) to Join the Resistance on Sept. 8

Readers will recall the name of Fr. David Aldalur as one of the seven brave French SSPX deans (alongside the three French religious communities of the Transfiguration, the Benedictines, and the Capuchins of Morgon) to sign the letter to Menzingen rejecting the Roman “pastoral guidelines” which subjugated SSPX marriages to diocesan control and jurisdiction,  and scandalized all right-thinking Society clergy and faithful.

Now word reaches us from France that Fr. Aldalur has publicly announced (a month ago, already!) he will be leaving the SSPX to join the Capuchins of Morgon on September 8 (Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary):

“Fr. David Aldalur officially announced yesterday [July 30] from the pulpit at Villefranque (near Bayonne) his entry to the Capuchins on September 8, 2017.”  (

Morgon seems to be quite a popular place for SSPX refugees: Fr. Paul Morgan, Fr. Regis de Cacqueray, and now Fr. David Aldalur are all gathered there, and not without reason (as our previous article on the “Doctrinal Study” of the Capuchins showed).

Let us pray for Fr. Aldalur, who having prepared himself for battle, shall draw the sword in four days!