The Reason for Treason

The Reason for Treason

Christian LaSalle of the French news outlet Medias-Presse recently published an article which contains a wonderful explanation of why some SSPX priests and faithful, formerly strong and vigorous in their defense of Tradition, suddenly throw in the towel, and run to modernist Rome.

The article also explains why the acceptance of a purely practical accord is out of the question.

Surprisingly, the explanations are those of Fr. Niklaus Pfluger, arch-accordist, from a time before he was 1st Assistant to Bishop Fellay.

Here is a sample from the old Fr. Pfluger:

But more than the attacks from the outside, it is our own inner weakness that we need to fear. Because a prolonged fight is tiring. It is discouraging for a small group to constantly have to fight against the all-powerful current of the masses and of public opinion. For Monsignor Lefebvre, it seemed logical that the church crisis would last for a long time and that we had to prepare ourselves for a long battle against modernist doctrines. […] Today […] we are tired, we are tired of always being different and we yearn for unity, peace and tranquillity. It is for this reason that on a regular basis, not only some priests, but also the faithful, who had stood firm for a long time in turmoil, suddenly become weak and give up the fight for tradition – whatever may be the reasons they give. This religious fatalism leads to a gradual reduction of expectations… and a premature agreement, i. e. a practical-only union with Rome, without tackling the causes which are at the origin of the crisis of faith, would not only be dangerous but also fake. To how many groups and communities did the official hierarchy not make promises? And all of them became disillusioned, and finally accepted the new Mass, accepted the Second Vatican Council as a whole, and even justified “the spirit of Assisi”.

Obviously, Fr. Pfluger (like so many of his colleagues) has fallen victim to his own diagnosis.

Samuel has translated the whole article over at Tradidi.