The Most Radical Anticatholicism

The Most Radical Anticatholicism


Gnosis is radical anti-Catholicism. But being anti-Catholic is proper not only to Gnosis. Islam is also radically anti-Catholic. Judaism, which denies the divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, is also radically anti-Catholic. Buddhism even more than Islam and Judaism, since it tends to atheism or pantheism. Is it therefore appropriate to give Gnosis the first place in anti-Catholicism?

Let us listen to the author of “History of Occult Philosophie” who, after raising several questions about the diversity of religions and the possibility of discerning the true, writes:

“A too rapid response to these dramatic and problematic questions transforms an individual into an atheist who refuses religions globally, precisely because of their differences, or a fanatic who stiffens in his faith, avoiding analyzing others for fear of being shaken by This confrontation. The Gnostic, on the other hand, uses Gnosis as a filter, through which he passes through a sieve and analyzes religions and philosophies, in order to extract the best from each of them. He thus elaborates an intellectual religion, based on a rigorous culture, rather than a revealed religion, which justifies its own unimaginable and absurd postulates, resorting to visions, ecstasies, and auditory hallucinations “(1)

This is a total rejection of all religions in favor of what the author calls intellectual religion, the fruit of a rigorous analysis of all religions. We are faced with a radical naturalism that refuses Revelation in favor of a purely human religion. Is not this the most radical of all anti-Catholicisms? I believe so, for it rejects the very idea of ​​a revelation, as if God could not reveal himself to men and give enough signs so that they can distinguish true religion from false. If Gnosis is not the most radical of all anti-Catholicisms, it is not behind any of them.

(1) Quoted by Epiphanius, Masonry and Secret Societies, Publications du Courrier de Rome, p. 21.