Syllabus Blog Closes: Leaves With a Warning

Syllabus Blog Closes: Leaves With a Warning


Today, our friend and owner of the Resistance blog Syllabus announced he will be shutting down (i.e., the blog left online, but no new content for the foreseeable future).  This is a great loss, particularly in the Hispanic world, where the blog’s voice was loudest, and its reach the greatest.  One of the few Resistance authors to consistently produce original, well argued and documented articles, his departure will leave a void which will not likely be filled anytime soon.

In one of its final articles, dated December 27, Syllabus applies the principles contained in Fr. Félix Sardá y Salvany’s classic book, Liberalism is a Sin, to the situation in the SSPX and the Resistance, describing how a Catholic becomes a liberal, announcing that its purpose is to:

“…study what is happening in the current crisis within the SSPX, this being at the same time a warning to the liberal remnants one can find within the Resistance.”

And in his final paragraph, he lowers the boom:

“And here also is a lesson and a warning to all, especially those priests who have left the SSPX, some of whom love their “independence”, which gradually makes them comfortable with a situation that causes them to slide, in that same comfort, while trying to thrive personally, convinced of their own intellectual reputation and with a satisfaction of being a “brave and faithful fighter”. He calls himself “anti-liberal”, while in reality he is the opposite, someone who pursues an unrestrained life, more suited to an easy going bachelor, than to a soldier in Christ’s army.”

This paragraph serves as a warning at many levels:

  • Against worldly and independence-minded clergy (i.e., liberals);
  • Against priests coming to the Resistance for all the wrong reasons;
  • Against allowing the Resistance to become a dumping ground for the dregs of the priesthood;

In this last regard, we pray that our bishops, clergy, and faithful be on their guard, that the Resistance not become a dumping ground for priestly refugees, who come not because of their fidelity to Tradition, but because they have nowhere else to go.

For these, there is always the monastery, but never the ministry.

Samuel has translated this brief article over at Tradidi, and giving it a glance will pay dividends in these confusing times.

Syllabus has given us a farewell warning.

You would be a fool not to heed it.