Shocking Response from Dom Lorenco Fleichman

Shocking Response from Dom Lorenco Fleichman

Only two days after posting Dom Lorenco Fleichman’s 2001 “Open Letter to the Priests of Campos” we received the following message from him:

Dear Sirs,
The publication of my “Open Letter to the Fathers of Campos“, without my authorization, on the blog Sodalitium Pianum might induce your readers to believe that I could share the ideas of your blog regarding the Society of Saint Pius X and its dissidences. As, unlike you, I remain thinking and acting on the same thoughts and actions of FSSPX, I hereby ask you to remove my text from the blog.
I appreciate your understanding.

Our public response:

Greetings Dom Lorenco-

You can well imagine our shock to learn that you had fallen for the same “siren song of legality” which you formerly condemned in Campos and Le Barroux, and which we quite naturally and logically presumed you condemned today in Bishop Fellay.

After all, it was you who taught us in the Open Letter that “being in modernist Rome -and this is proven- invariably results in contamination by the guiding principles of Vatican II, administered in homeopathic doses until the fruit falls…”

Logically, if you today condemn us as “dissidents” it means that either Rome is no longer modernist, or, you yourself have fallen for the same “siren song of legality” which you formerly condemned in the other traitors to Tradition.

But since Rome under Francis is more modernist today than ever, it can only be that you have fallen victim to your own condemnation.

Has your own personal loyalty to an organization triumphed over your love for souls, such that you would ignore your own warnings if they should contradict Menzingen policy?

You do not even make the slightest attempt to justify the ralliement of Bishop Fellay against your previous condemnations of Campos and Le Barroux.

As you stated in your Open Letter, “I cannot quite see in this the respect for souls the priestly life requires.”

But it is all to no avail: If personal loyalty to an organization is your ultimate and guiding principle of action, then appeals to common sense, demonstrating SSPX compromises, showing the contradictions between their (and your) positions yesterday vs today; etc. will all fallupon deaf ears, and so I see it is pointless to continue.

This “loyalty” to an organization (rather than God and Church) will sink you and the SSPX, just as it sank the Benedictines, Jesuits, Dominicans, FSSP (and the faithful who frequented their chapels).

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it…and perhaps they deserve it.

Having said all that, I will remove your letter, not because someone might think that you support the positions of the Resistance, but because someone might think that Sodalitium Pianum supports the ralliement of Nitteroi and Menzingen!

PS: A rhetorical question: I am wondering how, in a mere two days time, you became aware of my posting of your 16 year-old letter.  Your response makes clear that you do not share our positions, so obviously you were not following this blog.  Consequently, we must conclude that someone brought it to your attention.  I “wonder” who that could have been (wink-wink)?

Pax tecum,

Sean Johnson