Henry Ford on “the Gentile Mind”

Henry Ford on “the Gentile Mind”



Sean Johnson

January 5, 2017

“Any writer who attempts fully to inform the Gentile mind on the Jewish Question must often feel that the extent of the Protocols’ conspiracy is so great as to stagger the Gentile mind.  Gentiles are not conspirators. They cannot follow a clue through long and devious and darkened channels.  The elaborate completeness of the Jewish Program, the perfect co-ordination of its mass of details wearies the Gentile mind.  This, really more than the daring of the Program itself, constitutes the principle danger of [the] Program being fulfilled. Gentile mental laziness is the most powerful ally the World Program has.
For example: After citing the perfectly obvious coincidence and most probable connection between the Protocols and the observable facts with reference to the farm situation, the writer is compelled to say, as above, “But this is not all.”  And it is a peculiarly Gentile psychology that the Gentile reader will feel that it ought to be all because it is so complete.  This is where the Jewish mind out-maneuvers the Gentile mind.
Gentiles may do a thing for one reason: The Jew often does the same thing for three or four reasons.  The Gentile can understand thus far why the Jewish financiers should seek control of the land in order to prevent widespread Agricultural Independence which, as Protocol Six says, would be “harmful to us.”  That reason is perfectly clear.
But there is another.  It is found in the Twelfth Protocol.  It contemplates nothing less that the playing of City against Country in the great game now being exposed.  Complete control over the City by the industrial leverage, and over the Country by the debt leverage, will enable the Hidden Players to move first the Country by saying that the City demands certain things, and then move the City by saying that the Country demands certain things, thus splitting Citizens and Farmers apart, and using them one against another.”
-Henry Ford.  Dearborn Independent. Issue of Sept. 4, 1920
If the Gentile is ever to free himself from his Jewish masters (or their dupes), he needs to be able to retrain his mind in such a way that it becomes capable of tracing clues “through long and devious and darkened channels” without, however, succumbing to delusion and paranoia.
In doing so, he will free himself from his tunnel vision, which consistently places him at a disadvantage, and learn to see the big picture.
He will even the playing field.
It really is not such a difficult balance to strike: Just ensure that your conclusions do not outstrip the evidence, and always keep in mind that clues produce probabilities, not certitudes.
Take, for example, the continuous infiltration of the Resistance blogs and fora.
Just this evening, ABLF3.com was infiltrated by “Gertrude the Great” (alias “Gregory” et al), whose identity is now known to be that of a certain Mr. S.B.
If I were to ask you what you thought he hoped to accomplish, as a natural psychological propensity of the Goy mind, you would likely give me only one reason. 
Isn’t it true?
Of course, sometimes there only is one reason.  Nonetheless, when there are several, it would be the rare Goy who would even conceive of a 2nd reason (and if he did, it would be as an afterthought, rather than a second objective, right?).
Yet for the perspicacious reader who can “follow the clue,” the following reasons for the incessant infiltrations might occur:
1) Get Samuel and Br. Athanasius bogged down in another month-long debate (in which case, neither is posting new material); 
2) This has been an effective technique in the past (which also serves to keep them on the defensive);
3) With the newly published letter of Fr. Ortiz discrediting Fr. Pfeiffer, we must make sure the +BW camp seems no better an option (hence Gregory’s return to ABLF3.com under another username the very same day);

4) We will divert the artillery fire of the warring Resistance camps from our captive Menzingen, back towards each other; we will thereby foment the civil war in the Resistance to the mutual discrediting of both sides, so that the newly captured SSPX will emerge as the default “lesser of all evils.”  

5) Moreover, we make even more remote any future rapprochement between the warring Resistance camps.

6) Meanwhile, with Menzingen’s betrayal (despite being the winner by default as the least of three evils), their spirit will be broken, and they (clergy and laity) will all limp into Rome broken men, ready to do whatever we ask of them: The fear of sanctions to which they were immune yesterday will now accomplish all we require of them (i.e., There will be no threat of retreat, as they will all be entangled over questions of “legality,” and even if they could recover the will to back out, they will have lost their moral authority and credibility, which would rob them of any support). They will not escape the net.
7) After the final betrayal, the drift into sedevacantism for those who have thus far eluded our snares will be nearly irresistible, given the monolithic failure of the SSPX; 

8) This in turn will serve to discredit and demoralize the few remaining bastions of Resistance (all of whom will be insignificant). We will encourage and help the sedevacantists to point out this perceived failure of the R&R position to promote this drift.

Well, my friends, there are eight reasons for infiltration.  But without the ability to see all the angles, and face up to them, we will never free ourselves from their designs.

To retrain the mind to think in this way is the first and most necessary step (at the natural level, anyway).

“Behold I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves. Be ye therefore wise as serpents and simple as doves.” (Matt 10:16)