First Priestly Ordination for the SAJM

First Priestly Ordination for the SAJM

On November 10, Sodalitium Pianum announced the First Diaconal Ordination for the SAJM.  

Today, the Cathinfo user “Centroamerica” posted the above notice, announcing the forthcoming priestly ordination of Rev. Rodrigo Ribeiro da Silva (SAJM) on December 23 by Bishop Richard Williamson at Bishop Thomas Aquinas’s Benedictine Monastery of the Holy Cross in Brazil at 9:30 AM local time.

Fr. Rodrigo Ribeiro’s first Mass will follow on the 24th at 10AM local time.

Please send your prayers for this new priest, and if possible, a donation to offset the expenses incurred in facilitating this ordination.

Contact and donation information for Holy Cross Monastery are available here.