A Writer Worth Following: Mikaël

A Writer Worth Following: Mikaël

“Fidélité Catholique Francophone” is the name of the French Resistance Forum, and among several notable writers, there is a French-speaking Swiss who goes by the username “Mikaël” whose thoughts are worth reading.  Any given post he writes is likely to yield something of value, and he seems to be not only well-informed, but also intelligent in the use he makes of his information.  

Even for those who do not speak French, the Google Translate site does a sufficiently good job of conveying the general ideas of anything posted on that forum.

Recently, Mikaël posted a well-written article on the forum dealing with perhaps the most difficult aspect facing the faithful amidst the crisis in the SSPX: 

At what point must we leave the SSPX?

  • Shall we maintain a “wait and see” attitude, hoping the forthcoming General Chapter will put things back in order?
  • Shall we wait to see what the deal with Rome looks like?
  • What if we have a holy priest who discreetly opposes the ralliement?

Mikaël approaches these (and other) questions according to the teaching (and literary style) of St. Thomas Aquinas on the moral virtue of prudence.

“What does prudence dictate?” 

If I could request a “Part II” to this excellent article from Mikaël, I would ask him to address this question:

“What now?”

The principles seem clear, but the consequences are not: If prudence dictates that we leave the SSPX, what then?

Like Archbishop Lefebvre, I do not have the “courage” to tell the whole world they must not set foot in an SSPX chapel, for any reason.

What is prudent for some (i.e., in their unique circumstances) will not be prudent for others, and those who refuse to acknowledge that are…imprudent.

And what is particularly maddening is that faced with the total capitulation of the SSPX (the latest rumors say there will be a deal by Christmas), the failure of the priests to give us an alternative has trapped us into making seemingly imprudent decisions: Home-alone?  Sedevacantist?  Indult (which will now include the SSPX)?  Diocesan?

It is the clergy who most need to read Mikaël: Their inaction is pushing us all toward reluctant compromise.  It is their inaction; their imprudence which has produced a maddening situation which will see God’s most willing soldiers falling off into all manner of erroneous “solutions.”

The priests of the Society need to give us a new choice, in order to save us from this trap.

Meanwhile, Samuel has stepped up once again, and translated Mikaël’s entire article, which can now be viewed at Tradidi.com