Monthly archives: February, 2017

New Official Website of the SAJM

Ladies and Gentlemen-

We are pleased to announce to you the creation and publication of the official website of the Priestly Society of the Apostles of Jesus and Mary (aka SAJM), which can be accessed here:

The SAJM, canonically erected by His Excellency, Bishop Jean Michel Faure, is at the present time the greatest hope for the Resistance, and the future recovery of the Catholic Church:

-It is the only canonically erected congregation in the Resistance world (other than the exempt religious congregations of Benedictines and Dominicans, of course);

-It is the only heirarchically organized congregation of secular priests in the Resistance;

-It is the only congregation in the Resistance with a seminary featuring a fully staffed and competent faculty;

-Its constitutions feature a built-in safeguard against future subversion of it’s mission, categorically pre-empting any agreement with unconverted Rome;

-It has the support of the three Resistance bishops;

The SAJM, ladies and gentlemen, is the hope of the Resistance.

Please visit the website to familiarize yourself with the SAJM, and support this congregation!

We Are Back!

Having risen from the ashes, the Sodalitium Pianum blog is back!

Thanks to the heroic efforts of a friend, the old blog posts were retrieved, and reposted on this newly designed platform.

It may take me a while to get the hang of the new user tools, and things will be a bit slow for the next month or so, while I work on my forthcoming booklet, but after that, the pace will quicken, and things will be back to normal.

Spread the word!

Semper Idem,

Sean Johnson